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Momma Crowned a Winner

Posted by on February 1, 2012

I am the boss of this galley, the pervayor of fine foods, chef of the day within these walls. However, I know there are some things that I don’t touch and leave to the expert. Chili, stew, homemade drop noodles, rice pudding are just some of the items that I leave to my roomate. In fact, Robin entered her famous chili in a cookoff this past week as Yellow Jacket RV Resort hosted some two dozen entries.  She was robbed! Say it ain’t so. Yep, a cool second place. But we hear the judges were actually planning to award her the top spot when they were swayed in their choice by a can of beer. Kudos to Rockin’ Robin. Maybe this will spurn her to surprising me with some of that great rice pudding of hers in the near future. Things slowed down a bit after that spine tingling contest.  In fact, neighbors stopped dropping by, the front porch devoid of aging men espousing wisdom from their mobile rockers. Not a visitor entered our area for several days. Irvin did happen by occasionally and since no other codgers came by to argue with, he and I spent some time continuing to remodel the wall leading to the back entrance. I’m liking the choice of colors more and more. It’s finally taking on that gypsy-like quality that brings back oh so many childhood memories. When we weren’t busy on that wall, we wallowed much of the day away just lying about in the sun and thinking about the next haircut.  But by week’s end I had enough of this exhaustive contemplation. I got off my duff and did some marketing. Having my luck run amuck on the Suwanee, with no fish in the livewell, I decided to try my hand at rod and reel alteration. I didn’t get much business but I sure had the women slowing down for me when they passed by.

I just may have a bit of a promising post retirement career in the marketing industry. Time will tell.

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