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Family and Friends

Posted by on February 21, 2012

I was lucky enough to have some great timing as cannon fire pierced the ears.


We meet newly arrived neighbors Jack and Carol the other day, finding something in common as Jack’s roots take him to the same county in which we live back in Pennsylvania.  So it was natural that we spent time reminiscing and exaggerating on things past and places in common. We all motored down river to the Treasure Camp restaurant one evening to partake of some fresh seafood. The only problem was that we left the resturant a bit late and found ourselves meandering up the Suwanee in the dark. Time to turn on Robin’s strip lights that she decorated the boat with last week.  However, a short in the docking lights left us floundering a bit when trying to moor. The spotlight was out of juice. Thank goodness for the flashlight app that Ryan put on Robin’s I phone which provided more than enough for us to dock.

Excitement and anticipation by the week’s end as Ryan, Carolyn, and Xavier were coming for a visit. The weather here had been unseasonably warm but as usual with northern company, temps plummeted and the kids fell prisoner to some frigid Florida weather. We did get one day out boating again visiting our favorite cuisine haunt at Treasure Camp. The cold temps made for a lot of staying in and playing with Xavier which was more than a positive trade-off. Eating out quite a bit made up for the rest of the time.  We did spend an afternoon in Cedar Key, visiting some shops and stopping off at Tony’s for their world championship clam chowder. I’ll post these photos tomorrow along with other Cedar Key eye candy. Ryan and I were able to brave the Jacuzzi one evening and have some great father and son time.His words of wisdom continue to impress me for such a young man. No sooner had they arrived when it was time to make the trek back to Orlando airport. Again, tears of love found their way down our cheeks and on the way home, Robin and I lamented on how it will be six weeks before another “child fix” comes our way.

Enter Jerry and Cheryl, friends, and co-workers from our summer stint in Lake In Wood. They’re making their way north from Frostproof and are spending the weeek with us. No sooner had they arrived when I realized that tomorrow would be the last day for the Olustee re-enactment. Jerry, being the historical spoof was more than willing to make the two hour jaunt to practice using his new Canon. I’ll share a bit of the morning with you in the slideshow.

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