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Suwanee Day Trips

Posted by on January 8, 2012

Mornings have been a bit foggy this week. But it soon lifts and the days have been full of sun.

We did experience that cold spell that hit the eastern seaboard but forty-eight hours later it was just a memory. Temps are now back in the mid 70’s.

We christened the first week of the year by boating with Lenny and Mary, Jerry and Barb. We ferried down the Suwanee for half a dozen miles to a new eatery located on its banks. Treasure’s Camp Resturant has recently opened at Fowlers Landing and brings with it that old Florida ambiance.

They also sell gasoline which alleviates any fears of running dry on the next eighteen mile leg to the Gulf. Jerry was kind enough to pick up the tab and my posse was also intrumental in filling the tank.

They felt that the least they could do since we provided the transportation. Remaning days have been interspersed with walking, afternoons spent poolside, learning to make new breads with my kitchen aid mixer that the kids gifted me for Christmas, and a great deal of time commiserating with other campers on anything and everything.

Robin and I took a solo trip down river just yesterday and on the return home were fortuante enough to spot a bald eagle circling us in flight.

Wanting so badly to see it swoop down on some prey, we were eventually rewarded but the focus was a bit wanting.

I know now that no matter the problem with its weight and bulk, the big lens will always accompany me on the river.


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