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Week of Weather Whirlwinds

Posted by on September 10, 2011

We’ve run the gamut as far as weather conditions and climate alterations in the past few weeks.  Initially, it was the earthquake, pale in comparison to those along the San Andreas fault. But in Pennsylvania, those almost never appear so it was a big deal. I’m sure they would scoff at us on the Left Coast but it gave us something to talk about for a week. 

Klaas and Judy, owners here at LIW, hosted a fillet and lobster dinner for all the workampers in the Gnome Cafe.  Approximately 70 people showed for the event.

Mike Walling, known in these parts as the Porkmeister, presided as the main chef, grilling the steaks and handling the lobster. I assisted and was charged with the baked potatoes and salad for the masses.

Everyone seemed pleased with the meal and Mike was a great help to me in teaching me some great tricks when serving a large populace.

Not to be outdone by the earthquake, along came remnant of Hurricane Irene. She may have pummeled the east coast but the backlash of winds from her “eye” made a mess of things around here for a short time.

Power went down for a day and a half but we kept open the cafe in order for any wayfarer camper to have a safe haven from the winds. As quick as it came, it went. Jerome and his entourage of groundskeepers painstakingly policed the resort. A day after its exit, you wouldn’t have known we were a part of the aftermath. Two days later, I joined Ken and Pete for a round at The Hawk. Ken and Pat will be leaving tomorrow, so this would have been our last links encounter for the year. The competition brought out the best in me. They spurned me to turn in my best round of the season so far. Thank you, gentlemen.

Cheryl and Jerry invited us mid-week to a cuisine that was foreign to these taste buds. Apparently, low country boil is a revered entree in the Carolinas. They had talked about it for some time and promised to intoduce us to the Palmetto State’s finest. Skeptical at first, this quickly turned to a pleasant surprise. Keilbasa led the way into the boiling pot, stuff with Bay seasoning, add the potatoes some seven minutes later, followed by the ears of corn, boil a little more, and then add the shrimp as the coup de grace. Finish off the boil and its’ usually dumped onto newspaper. However, short of that, Cherly found a fine platter for us all to partake in the feast.

And just as soon as we were riding a high, along came the tropical storms. I’ve never seen such incessant rain for so long in my life. Apparently, from the studios in Harrisburg, reporters confided this flood had even surpassed the last great disaster of 1972. Confined to the RV, a lot of good downsizing was able to take place. Some reading, some computer time, some thinking, gave time for reflection. Although I didn’t realize it, I needed that. I was in a funk. The words of encouragement from some of you out there turned the tide a bit. Thank you for the challenge. Following the pelting, we couldn’t keep from surveying the damage. Like rubbernecks on a turnpike, we cruised the county. Isn’t it warped how we seek the unusual, the disastrous, the fearful, to see in plain view. Oxymorons are we.





2 Responses to Week of Weather Whirlwinds

  1. Barb and Jerry

    We were thinking of you guys with the storms hitting your area. We are back at yellow jacket. We got here on the 1st of Sept. We have cut our ties with Ohio as we closed our PO box and we relinquished our camp site there. Next summer it will be spent traveling the South after 8 to 9 months here on the beautiful Suwannee River. We are slowly getting setteled in, as it was a very busy last couple weeks in Ohio, and tired from the trip.
    When are you guys coming back down?
    Barb and Jerry

  2. Debbie

    A whirlwind of thoughts and images that you bring to us today…..Nature at it’s best and worst….as well as the food you prepare and serve as part of your daily routine. And yet another year has gone by that I didn’t get to enjoy your second LIW home of your heart. People who have never experienced the emotional and physical damage of a flood, can certainly see it in your pictures…and it is amazing that it came come this far in from the coast……what’s next in weather for your now Gypsy Larry….you’ve had tornado’s, hurricanes, earthquakes….is there anything else? And still you survive……..Happy Trails my friend, and I guess I’ll be seeing you soon!

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