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Visitors Welcome

Posted by on July 21, 2011

After Robin went to babysit the remainder of my week was typical. Ken and I played golf as we have a standing date every Tuesday. Ken  works the pool while his wife Pat does her workamper stint in the office. I repeated the adventure again on Wednesday and had the best round of my life. This was short-lived as the weekend proved this to be a once in a blue moon score. In between, the pool has provided much needed relief from the hot spell we’re experiencing once again this July. Back to work on Thursday and a phone call from sister Lisa that she will be visiting us this weekend. An additional call came unexpected as Judy and Stoney Neal from Florida were headed this way to spend some time with us as they trek through to northwest PA. Judy tried to get into Lake In Wood for the weekend but we’re all booked up, so they had to find an alternative campground. It was great to spend time with my sister this weekend. Dining at the Gnome Cafe, canvassing the Amish countryside, and shopping the little out-of-the-way stores, made her visit pleasant while we worked and couldn’t spend time with her. I did however, get to chauffeur her and Robin around the countryside in search of even more purchasing venues after work. Upon our return, Judy had mentioned that her and Stoney would be over for a Saturday night festive occasion. After pleasantries and stories filling us in on the months since leaving Florida, Judy pulled out the electric accordion. Now this is not your father’s accordion. It’s a one man band machine that resonates sounds only a master could produce. Judy serenaded us for a while as the Simonson’s showed up as well for the evening entertainment. Soon it was the Neubauer’s and then the Noyle’s, Bill and Camille from across the street, passersby, and Kim and Jeff Wert drove down from up the hill and Jeff accompanied Judy with his acoustic guitar. In short time, a concert was being held impromptu at our site, and the crowd of about 20 meant that they was standing room only. The performance lasted until 10 as Judy performed request after request, crooning to many as her striking voice continued to pique our interest. Quiet hours began and the crowd dispersed, with hugs, and smiles and pats on the back. Judy and Robin attended services on Sunday morning as she was mesmerized by the pipe organ that I had showed her earlier and wanted to hear Michelle, daughter of Klaas and Judy, parlay her talents into the massive organ. Lisa and I sneaked off for one final round prior to work. After lunch, she returned West, noting that the visit was far greater than any expectations could have held. This was all I needed to hear as providing a good host is tantamount to my days.













2 Responses to Visitors Welcome

  1. Debbie

    Ok, Gypsy Larry, the more I hear about LIW, the more I feel sure I’m gonna make a trek East….with or without the hubby, lol! May be just the Canon Rebel and me! Sounds as if you’re living the life…..loving all the pics of little Xavier. Happy Trails ~~

  2. Brittany

    It was a great time at the cafe when I visited!! I missed you guys so much. Great Memories!!

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