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Monday Bachelorhood

Posted by on July 12, 2011

Today begins first Monday bachelorhood. More on that later in the post. By now, we’re in full swing manning the Gnome Cafe during our stay at Lake In Wood Camping Resort. We ‘re working the Thursday 2 to 9 shift and then we roll right back in on Friday morning at 7 until 2 pm. Those back to backs take some getting used to. The knees and hips just don’t seem to be performing as they did a few years ago. On Saturday and Sunday we alternate weekends. One finds us working the 7 to 2 pm. shift and the alternate weekend we’re summoned for the 2 to 9 pm. stint. The work days go fast. There are always new campers to feed and meeting new people on a daily basis makes hovering over the grill more of a hobby than a chore. When we’re not behind the counter, we spend time on the links, playing golf on an average of 2 times a week. Hawk Valley Golf Course is under new management and they’ve done considerable improvements this year. Mowing more often allows me to find my ball much easier as I don’t always locate the fairways with each tee shot. I’m still walking my daily five however, I’ve discovered that I burn far more calories riding a bicycle than the walking in much less time. I’m giving the wheels a chance to prove their command over my waistline as opposed to the walking. We may just have found a way to save the knees and hips a bit longer. Robin’s bone on bone in the left knee is ready for another injection but the orthopedic group can’t get her in until the first week in August. So I don’t push her to get out there as Yellow Hill Road is just too steep and without a miniscus, it just adds to her discomfort. We’re finding we spend less time running around and sightseeing than we did last year. Perhaps it’s because we’ve made several more friends and much of the down time is spent cruising the park in our golf cart and espousing my bullshit to whomever will listen. I’ve done some portraits here in the resort and next week I’ve been commissioned to shoot some newlyweds. The word of mouth has given rise to my budding photographic career.

Oh, by the way we traded the Enclave this past week for a Chevy Avalanche. It feels good to be back in a truck once again. I must quit this fascination I have with purchasing vehicles. I counted them. This is the sixth one since we retired three years ago. Can I blame it on my arrested adolescence? I think not. Perhaps its my attention deficit disorder manifesting itself into high gear as I approach my seventh decade? Naw, I believe it’s because I’m never satisfied unless I have some quest to meet. Nevertheless, it’s damn fun, albeit an expensive penchant. And now to my bachelorhood. Robin began her second job today. That as baby-sitter grandmother. Carolyn had to go back to the office. There was no way “Momma G” was going to let her grandson go to day care. So she’s agreed to cover the duties a few days at the beginning of each week.  Maternal grandma Pat, wil commandeer the other two days for the new mother as she reluctantly trudges off to work. I’ll retrieve Robin on Wednesday evening from Jersey in time to ‘nest’, prior to stationing ourselves at the cafe on Thursdays. This experiment will be good for all of us. A bonding will form with Robin and Xavier that shall be priceless. Her eyes light up and I can see her burst with pride when he smiles at her.  It will also give her a chance to spend more time with both children across the Delaware. As for me, bachelorhood will give rise to mastering my mid irons, riding my bike, and spewing more bull amongst the campers.





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