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July Ends in Lancaster County

Posted by on July 31, 2011

I thought I had better post this week’s happenings. Not that they’re much to speak of, but family and friends are wondering if all is OK once again as my daily posts have diminished to weekly. It’s  just the idea that staying put in one arena for much of the summer hasn’t allowed for enough excitement to stir you, the reader. For instance, mornings until Friday are composed of bicycling, a bit of weight-lifting, walking to the post office, and commiserating with other friends and workers here at the campground. Afternoons are spent either on the golf course or watching Xavier sleep, eat, and smile. I have to admit I never thought I would be the commonplace grandfather, doting on his every move. And I don’t think that point has come, yet, when I see that little lad smile, my heart melts and he could have the world if it were in my power. As of late, I’ve been playing golf with Erin, and with a few shared ideas and pointers she’s now outdriving me off the tee. This week she will hit from the men’s tees at my insistance. As always, she’s a natural athlete and I wonder where those genes come from. The second half of the week has us back at the cafe, although it’s still enjoyable enough that it’s almost not work, more of a social experience. If it weren’t for the terrazzo floors wearing on my aging hips and knees, it’s a duty that I could easily do daily. We’ve mastered the knack of preparation and now the daily routine is done almost instinctively. It must still be fun, for I have no idea where June and July have gone. And the growing number of new acquaintances and friendships make this life rich beyond accounting.






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