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Friends From Home

Posted by on June 9, 2011

Jay and Chris, our dearest friends, made the trek across Pennsylvania yesterday to pay us a visit. No matter the miles between us, the bond grows increasingly strong. We met them at the turnpike exit to help with directions to the campground but stopped and lunched at the Park Place Diner. Upon our arrival we toured Lake In Wood with Robin and Chris riding the golf cart while I introduced Jay to the thrills of the Segway. Leary at first, he mastered the gyroscopes and fifteen minutes later looked as if he was a master at this. They enjoyed the beauty of the park, were mesmerized by the cleanliness and abundance of flowers, but the coup de grace was the Gnome Cafe, namesake of our humble place of summer employment. The remainder of the afternoon was spent catching up on news, friends, and personal gossip. Jay did manage to sneak in a short nap. I think that Segway must have tinkered with his nerve a bit. By the time a few bottles of wine had been consumed, and the lawn chairs had been molded to our backsides we realized it was almost 8 and once again we were famished. We frequented once again our favorite haunt, Kyma Restaurant, in Denver. I have never tasted better crabcakes in all my travels and the place keeps beckoning me back over and over. It proved to the delight of both our guests. We all had ringside seats around the fire pit until the girls found some reality show they wanted to view. Jay and I soon followed as no see ums found our sockless ankles and proved a bit much for us.


One Response to Friends From Home

  1. donna kochosky

    Well-we are definitely jealous!!
    Gorgeous weather here in the “burgh”-fantastic
    Being retired with time of my own-outstanding
    An evening with friends from Rifgon-PRICELESS

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