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Creating Memories

Posted by on June 29, 2011

Absence isn’t always due to duress or mental concern. Sometimes, a common existence can be mundane to the outside viewer. I always want to entertain but try as I might, my life’s days are not always the peak of stimulata. I thought I would share the past few weeks with you via photos. We’re back into the swing of things working at the Gnome Cafe. Thursday afternoon and evenings and then the morning shift through Sunday. It’s good to be working again. It provides the meaning that I seek and the appreciation of days off. Despite the economy, the season has been busy as hell.

We spent a few days last week at the beach. Sea Isle, New Jersey to be specific.

We were fortunate enough to stay in a beach house for a few nights but the days with Xavier is the real reason we made the trek to the shore. Like his mom, he’ll spend the summers of his young life there.

And as he has taken care of the needs of almost everyone he interacts with, his Dad will teach him more about the wilderness, giving him balance.

Not to be outdone by big brother Erin paid a visit for a few days.


She planned to treat me in joining her by playing eighteen on the local links. But my legs ached from a long day at the grille and the best I could so was a trip to Strasburg to ride the local railroad.

There was a child on the train a few seats in front of us. I have no idea who he was but the eyes drew me in and I needed to share this with you.

On the way back home the cornfields that we see on a daily basis never seem to grab my attention with the lushness and conformity of the rows upon rows giving a normalcy to a life speeding by.

Later the following week we took an Amish buggy ride as I clicked in the new family for posterity’s sake.

As we drove down Old Philadelphia Pike we came upon what we thought was an accident as the buggy puller was down for the count. Traffic had slowed thinking the mare a product of a crash with a vehicle but the heat and humidity just got the best of the equine and he decided he’d had enough and went down in a swelter, only to rise again and resume pulling the “plain people”.

Our ride took us down a few secondary roads, onto a dirt lane to a working Amish farm.

There we me a family but the young boys attracted my lens more than others. They seem to learn ropes of driving at an early age.

Although the Amish don’t cotton much to having their photos taken, this lad proved the perfect model. However, not the same can be said for his younger brother. When he caught my lens pointed his way, his reaction was much the adverse.

I filled in the remaining days trying my best to keep balls on the fairway and out of the ponds dotting the Hawk Golf Course.

The little time remaining after creating more family memories and manning the grille at the cafe has been spent watching Robin’s feeders bringing nature’s color to the windows outside the Bus.



3 Responses to Creating Memories

  1. Lyn

    Sweet memories. 🙂

  2. Jim & Pat

    Larry, this posting was terrific as usual….and
    you captured THE GRANDCHILD so perfectly
    glad you enjoyed your few days off…….Love
    Pat and Jim

  3. Debbie

    GypsyLarry, this blog couldn’t have come at a better time for me, brought a smile to my face, and maybe a tear of joy to my eye…….little Xavier is a joy to behold, and Jim thinks he’s looking a little like his Grandpa Larry! Again, beautiful and heartwarming pictures, taking places that I would love to visit. Happy Trails ~~

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