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Leaving South Carolina

Posted by on April 10, 2011

We had to get in one more boat ride. A twelve mile trek across Lake Marion to the Goat’s Island restaurant , stopping off  for a couple of burgers was the order of the day. The locals were on the pier trying thier luck with the catfish. On the way back, we got a bit disoriented and almost mired in a barrage of hidden treestumps that have destroyed many a motor. I played lookout while Robin manned the steering wheel trying to avoid the hidden cypress stumps below. It was a good thing I had the hand held Garmin mark a waypoint prior to leaving. We would have gone of course without it. This little gem has really come in handy during the past week. And then, another bittersweet exit. It’s been in the mid 80’s this week, incessant sunshine, lake like glass and a lot of time to practice casting. We weren’t ready to leave. On the other hand, we get our first granchild this week. It will be great to see our children and daughter-in-law, and re-aquaint ourselves with workampers from last summer.  Talking on the phone to family, we’re not looking forward to April in Pennsylvania. It’s usually too wet and too dreary. But I’ve never had a grandchild and every one tells us our lives are going to change for the better. So damp days may be of trivial consequence. We left late in the afternoon and made it into Virginia by twilight. We decided to park in a Walmart Supercenter as we needed some groceries and wanted and early start to the morning departure. Much to our amazement, the Walmart looked like a campground with a rally taking place. Not only was the place packed, but slideouts were extended, antennae were raised and we noticed one French Canadian fifth wheeler with their satellite set on the ground. This is why so many Walmarts are stopping the practice of overnight rests. Too many taking advantage of a good and free offering. Hopefully by tomorrow we’ll make it to Bar Harbor on the Chesapeake. Until then. 





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