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Cedar Key and Two Guys from Back Home

Posted by on March 30, 2011

Almost Sunset on the Suwanee

I had been hankering for a diversion. I get bored easily and I’d had enough fishing and lying poolside for awhile. I thought it would be a nice trip to Segway the town of Cedar Key. I had been there a few weeks ago on my own but Robin needed to see what drew me to the area. We arrived at the Low Key Hideaway, managed by friends Pat and Cindy Bonish. I have followed their blog, “Every Miles A Memory” for sometime now and wanted to share some photo chat with them. They both possess excellent photographic skills. Pat allowed us to park in his drive while we motored around the peninsula. Our first destination was to head to the old Cedar Key cemetery as I heard about the young horned owls nestled in the treetops within the graveyard. We did spot a few osprey along with the baby owls but mother was no where to be seen. We then headed out to airport road checking on some waterfront property. We were able to view something that caught our eye but it was way out of our price range. Heading back into town my Segway died. Apparently I hadn’t charged it up for a few days and the battery just gave way. I borrowed Robin’s and headed back to the car while she waited roadside with my powerless man-carrier. Upon retrieving her we headed for some sustenance as we hadn’t eaten so far today. We parked at the wharf and headed to the Big Deck Raw Bar, and filled our bellies with wings, pulled pork and fries. We chatted with some other tourists from  Michigan, relishing in the fact that we were all enjoying sunshine that is so sorely missed up north.

“Magoo and Mouse McKee”

While heading out I overheard two gentleman at the bar speaking of Pennsylvania. The two fellows indeed were from the Keystone state, asking as well  of our hometown. It was then that “Magoo” and “Mouse” McKee, brothers in more than arms,  told us they were from Washington, PA., a mere seven miles down the road from our hometown. The more we talked, the greater we found similar interests as well as knowing some of the same people. We spent another twenty minutes with them, laughing heartily and fondly reminiscing of “back in the day”. We left them with hugs and handshakes, mesmerized in the fact that here we were, 12oo miles from home and by happenstance meeting two people from just down the road. Magoo (real name Harry) even made a point to let me know his auto was parked just in front of mine proudly boasting the six time Super Bowl champs. We then headed back to the Low Key Hideway as Pat had opened the Tiki Bar our back and I wanted Robin to take in the ambiance of such a place. We would have loved to be able to imbibe until the sun set but Brutus had been holed up all day. We did get back by dusk and I was able to snap a shot of the setting sun going down on the Suwanee once again. Enjoy todays slideshow. It’s not like being there but hopefully it can bring a smile to your face.









2 Responses to Cedar Key and Two Guys from Back Home

  1. Debbie

    Almost as good as being there! And, by the way, was that an alligator doing a staredown with that yellow dog? It doesn’t matter how far you travel, you always seem to graviatate towards someone from near your hometown area! And you always leave with many more friends than you came with…….Happy Trails to you~

  2. Debbie

    GypsyLarry, I love your new format! Very Gypsy like……Happy Trails~

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