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New Canon 60D

Posted by on February 20, 2011

I’m continued to be awed by the effect of weather upon my psyche. Even the worst of problems seem miniscule when awakening to sunrises like this. My new camera came in the mail this week. The insurance company replaced my stolen 40D with Canon’s updated 60D. I was hoping for the 7D but after a week of using this new gem, I’m satisfied. More on the camera review in the next update. Daily I watch the locals launch and land from the ramp on their quest for brim. I gather information and tips but the multiculturals often give me their leftover bait. So I am now in possesion of a small worm farm. I found out this week why these worms are leftover. They’ve not been working for me either. Three times out this week at different times has continued to render an empty live well. Perhaps the ensuing week will prove more productive. The park is beginning to fill once again. Friday nights “rivertales” was attended by a group of 40 this time. Each week we seem to gather additional couples. The opportunity for new acquantances and camaraderie is a growing thing. Campfires, dock talk, and a full moon on the Suwanee continue to daunt any shortcomings of any given day.

One Response to New Canon 60D

  1. Debbie

    Sunrise and sunsets….make beautiful pictures and prose……..and that new Canon is projecting your thoughts to print…….just beautiful pictures! Looking forward to seeing many more of your pictoral blogs…..and the “pontoon ain’t half bad either” Happy Trails to you Gypsy Larry…..

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