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Just an Average Day

Posted by on February 27, 2011

We have friends, relatives and acquaintences that voice envy in this lifestyle of ours. This one of fulltiming. They believe in an ethereal vision of utopic proportions. Ah!! To be able to “live the dream”. My retort is that one finds it not altogether different than the previous life choice. If you tend to eat out a lot, you’re going to continue that practice while fulltiming. If you arise early each day, that won’t change. We’re creatures of habit. If your evenings are spent waching television, sitcoms will continue to be your nocturnal highlight. This lifestyle is not the glamorous wishing globe that Madison Avenue has imaged so neatly for us. A full moon does not hover over each evening’s horizon. Campfires, reflecting off the sides of new RV’s, as they’re presented to us on the television, are not permitted in every park to provide the catalyst for a bevy of smores. And there are bugs, or some kind of critter in every state, regardless of the season. And sometimes it rains, and once in a while the sun doesn’t shine all day long. But although not glamorous, there is an arrested euphora to each spin of this terrestrial sphere.  Take today for instance. Here’s an average day for you. Get up and turn on the coffee. While watching the sun crest the eastern treetops, I pour a pint of the French Roast and head out the door for a few hours on the Suwanee. I’m in pursuit of anthing with fins. I have no luck but it matters not. Watching fog lift off the water, raised by the beams of the sun, has made striking out meaningless. By nine I’m back for breakfast and then it’s off for our morning walk. The next three hours was spent teetering between lying poolside and trading lies with friends and acquaintences while bobbing in the human aquarium. Three was plenty, as was evidenced by the reddening shoulders. By late afternoon, it was the bi-weekly run to Walmart. Robin saved a baby sand turtle yesterday. It was nearing disaster with an all season radial.  We now have another addition to the ‘Rev’.  And America’s major retailer held the only turtle food available. Back from town it’s now nearing sundown. Time enough for just one more shot at those lily pads along the shore. Fire up the boat and head down river. Five minutes out found I landing a nice catfish.  That was enough of a fix to head to the dock. Now it’s tiime to fire up the grill and remove the chicken breasts from the marinade. Rice and chicken and homemade biscuits. Is that enough white or what?  Throw in another dash of bullshitting with the locals and it’s time for the evening fire. When the embers burn from white to ash, we’ll head inside and be entertained by the networks. So you see, the only difference in lifestyles is the fact that my backyard is chosen- on a daily basis.

5 Responses to Just an Average Day

  1. Debbie

    To each his own, huh? Life is what you make of it…….oh the cliche’s……..but, on the other hand, to be able to literally pick up your home and move it on a whim is probably on everyone’s wishlist. You have made your wishes come true! And I do like your latest addition……..I told Robin, you should name him Franklin… does Brutus like him? Happy Trails to the four of you!

  2. Cheryl Sims

    Wish we were there enjoying the average day with you. Maybe next year!! We are really glad to be back at our precious Lake In Wood. Won’t be long til the park will be full and busy. Snow is almost gone and the temps are warming up. Enjoy your time in FL.
    Miss you.
    Cheryl and Jerry

  3. Lyn

    That’s a nice day, average or otherwise!

  4. Steve

    Sounds like my day except I do that in my house. I don’t have the lake but could go fishing if I wanted to. Spend a lot of time on the computer. Will do some daily travel next month to poker tournaments. Enjoy the lifestyle.

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