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Grills and Torches

Posted by on February 17, 2011

For some unknown reason, every person that passes by our site, stops to look at our camping grill setup. I don’t find it unusual at but it has taken me some time to finally settle on this cook station. You see, I am what’s called a grill junky. I’ve had charcoal grills, electric, grills but always settling on propane. There was a time when I carted around four grills of a different nature. Now I have everything I need in one setup. One of the better places to look for your next purchase may be at ““. They helped me considerably. I settled on a two burner stove from Camp Chef. These can be used independently and max out at 30,000 BTUs. However, when not used as open burners I added a grill box to one side, and utilize a cast iron grill top on the other. With this setup there is nothing I want for and any type of item can be accomodated from raw meat on the grill, veggies, eggs, and potatoes on the grill top or pots and pans on the burners. The station is almost perfect and I will get to that point this week as I’ve ordered some tiki torches to border the edges of my station. These can also be found at ““. Check this out for yourself. Their array of products is awesome.

2 Responses to Grills and Torches

  1. Debbie

    Ok, enough Gypsy Larry, I’ve had a hankering for a big old medium rare steak on the grill, but, it’s been so frigid cold, and windy here, that we can’t get the darned grill hot enough to do it, lol…….I’m comin for dinner, what time did you say it is?

  2. Steve

    I really like the setup for your grill. Propane is good but I still like the coals.

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