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As Slow As Humidity

Posted by on February 13, 2011

It’s been a relatively slow week with not much excitement of which to speak. The rains came incessantly on Monday and allowed us to gather most all of our documentation for this year’s tax return. A few last minute items will remain but we’ll take care of those the first week in March, when we return for a short trip north to do some private banking. On Tuesday, the rain clouds closed, the sun made it’s debut and we received a call from Cheryl and Jerry. They are fellow workampers we befriended this past summer at Lake In Wood. We have remained in contact and on Tuesday they journeyed the three hours from Umatilla to spend most of the day.

By late morning, they arrived and we exchanged the usual pleasantries. We sauntered through the campground here, showing them our digs and catching up on the lives and wherabouts of our friends and connections. After lunch, we all jumped in Robin’s boat and she treated us to an afternoon voyage up the Suwanee to Manatee Springs where we were able to view a couple of the globbules.  Prior to their return home, we drove the highway to Suwannee, giving Cheryl and Jerry a glimpse of the Gulf of Mexico. We had intended on treating them to dinner but found the Salt Creek Resturant closed for the day. We did find a good eatery  in Fanning Springs before they bid us adieu.

The rest of the week has been spent bicycling, taking long walks and reorganizing fishing equipment. I spent much of one afternoon on stage for this sand crane as he watched me move tackle from one plastic box to another. The in-between times have been filled by commiserating with fellow campers, and exchanging stories and lies that make life interesting.

Friday evening came quickly and the weekly “rivertales” seem to be well represented as the numbers of attendees keeps growing. This engagement gives us all us chance to know each other much better and account for new friends every week. Robin’s strawberry fluff proved to be a big hit. I love taking back empty dinnerware and not worrying where to store leftovers.

The weekend weather has changed drastically with days now back into the 70’s. Fishing and ferrying our way up and down the Suwanee has consumed much of the day, spattered with walks and campfires, chatting with neighbors, and watching my lettuce grow. I often wonder how I had time to work and get everything in prior to retiring. However,  today I awoke with the same pressing problem that haunts me each morning. I have so much trouble remembering what day it is. Ah, yes. SNL last night after the news. It must be always.

2 Responses to As Slow As Humidity

  1. Debbie

    Sounds like you had a nice visit with your friend from LIW……and boating adventures with Captain Robin! And your new friend, the sand crane! Is he friendly? He’s probably waiting for you to bring him his dinner.
    We finally had a sunny, but cool day today, with promises of warmer weather this week, but, I am envious of your life on the water, would love to see the Gulf! Happy trails to you both~

  2. Dietlinde

    Thank you for finding the time to describe the terminlogy for the rookies!

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