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Segway but not Segue

Posted by on January 5, 2011

Ryan had once mentioned a Segway tour that he found fun. Upon our return from the Outback Bowl, Robin was busy on the phone booking a tour for the next day. She found the best rated one in the area and it would take a tour of downtown Tampa. I had been on a Segway several years ago for about two minutes but nothing since then. We reported at ten bells the next morning to Channelside, the harbor area from which the Carnival cruise ships depart. The courtyard also lays claim to the world’s largest bowling pin. Now there’s something to brag about. I am just tickled to no end at what people will marvel over. Brandon, our guide, gave seven of us the basics we would need to master the gyroscopic personnel mover. Robin was first and soon had this mastered in about five minutes. Once everyone was given instructions we took off on a tour of Tampa, utilizing the “river walk”, which has just begun construction. The GOP National convention will be held in Tampa in 2012 and the city is anticipating completion of the course by that date. The convention is expected to add an additional $110 million to the coffers of the city. In the meantime we wove in and out of concourses, over bridges, along bays and waterways and even spied the opulent mansion of the Glaser family, owners of the Tampa Bay Buccaneers. The tour lasted a good two hours and for $50 per person we all thought it was well worth the money.Robin loved it so much that she tried conning me by saying that if I sold my motorcycle, we could afford to buy two new Segways. It would be a great way to tour any city, getting to places a cycle can’t ,not to mention the added safety of this vehicle as opposed to what she refers to as ‘the organ donor ride’. If ever I have an extra $10K on hand, I’m definitely going to consider this purchase. We had a great time and finished just in time for lunch at Hooters. Afterall, they had the Steelers on the big screen for us as we watched them pummel the Browns. Later in the day, Ryan and I played nine holes of golf while Robin was content to stay home and clean. So we both got to participate in our individual hobbies. For not having played since the brain surgery I found my swing early on, but just hanging out with our son wasa reward beyond explanation.

2 Responses to Segway but not Segue

  1. Debbie

    Loved your Segway tour……looks like a great way to travel, don’t know whether it would be a good idea for someone like me with the intermittent “bed spins”, lol, but, I’d love to give it a try! Happy Trails gypsy Larry~

  2. Cheryl Sims

    Oh my!! That looks like such fun. I have always wanted to try one of them. Good for you. Miss you both.

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