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Robbed Again

Posted by on January 15, 2011

In all the anxious moments of disgust and the gut wrenching feeling that comes with being robbed, I worried about the items of Robin’s that were stolen from our car. I failed to realize what they had done to me until late last night. My most prized possessions. My Canon SLR digital, two lenses, a speedlite, three batteries, sync cables all within the bag. That cache amounted to about $4000 worth of photography equipment. So now yesterday’s fiasco has ended up amounting to a $7000 day for us. Our insurance agent notified me that the Segway probably would not be covered, given the fact that it qualifies as a personal transportation device, and needed insurance of its own. However, I do hope that my homeowners covers the IPAD and camera equipment. I may be coming up short on good photographs to share with you for awhile. I never realized that a theft like this leaves a gnawing in the pit of the stomach, akin to a being nauseous to the point of sweating. If I made pass on a word of warning to all my readers it is this. BEWARE! Do not visit the world flea market located just outside of Auburndale, Florida on US Route 92, just east of bypass 570, the Polk Parkway.

4 Responses to Robbed Again

  1. Froggi Donna

    OMG!! Larry, I am so sorry to hear about the additional loss. I always worry about the things on our motorcycles. Stu can lock his trunk and main case but I can’t. We’d be an even easier target.

    Sending giant hugs to you and Robin!!!

    And thanks for posting WHERE this happened…I plan to post in my blog about it, too.

  2. Sheri W

    I am Froggi Donna’s daughter, came over from her blog. I cannot imagine how devastated you must be! As an amateur photographer myself, I know I feel naked without my camera and would feel as if my arm had been cut off if someone stole my DSLR. So sorry about the Segway but praying for the speediest of recoveries for the iPad and camera for you and Robin!!

  3. Lyn

    I’m so sorry to hear of all this trouble, Larry. I used to follow your blog, and like Donna, I lost track of you. I’m glad to find you again, but hate that reconnection comes with this news. Good luck with the replacing process. If I lost my Canon SLR, I would be devastated, but agree that keeping the pet tops everything.

  4. Kathy

    Gosh, Larry, a person’s camera is like part of their body! I share in your gut wrenching!
    I’ll alert my friends about this location and check on our insurance.
    Again, sorry for your loss but thanks for posting it so we can all be more aware.


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