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My Life Saved

Posted by on January 16, 2011

Saturday! The day after the theft became a bitter lamentation of life as it is today. Am I being naive? There are countless legions of victims out there on a daily basis. Yet, until an affront comes to one personally, it is just a news brief in the local tabloid. The aftermath brings on a deluge of thoughts that permeate the mind’s eye. Loss, defeat- lends an air of tragedy and nostalgia that the victims find necessary.

For most of the day, I  busied myself  by cleaning and rearranging items towed in the trailer, allowing  thoughts to run rampant in my mental process. Was the incident a manifestation of bad karma? Have I done something wrong and now retribution has reared its ugly head?  None come specifically to mind. I try not to hurt anyone’s feelings and still make attempts, however futile to live by the golden rule. Do I have too many material possessions while much of the world has far less? Not a chance. I’ve worked long and hard for almost four decades to allow myself these pleasures. This line of thinking is just the Catholic guilt that has followed my daily steps for the good part of fifty-eight years. Was it just plain stupidity on my part? Afterall, I didn’t set the anti-theft button when we vacated the vehicle. Or was it just a plain act of fate – an incident with random victims for which there is no rhyme or reason?

I’ve learned so much from this. While I toiled away within the walls of the trailer, anticipating a Steeler win, Robin came to my assistance with not only a willing back but her knowledge of packing. But it was not that kind of help that finds me fallling in love with her again. It is her words of encouragement pervaying the feeling that once again “things will be all right”. The solace that she provides is like a bright lamp that I can always trust in the darkness.

Brutus being spared from harm has awakened in me feelings that I didn’t know existed. Sure, he is at times a pain in the butt. He has become her baby, replacing me as the central figure in her life. Plans sometimes need changed and rectified because of his mere existence. However, I didn’t realize the love I have for him when coming so close to his possible loss.

This incident has ignited all five senses into a concert or preparedness. Perhaps it has alerted us to sentry duties unrealized that will be needed for future days. Once again, I have been able to find some good, embrace lessons learned, from a disastrous day.

5 Responses to My Life Saved

  1. larry

    I can’t thank all of you enough for your comments. There are readers out there that I didn’t realized followed. Your comments have provided solace and a sense of community that has eased the pain of the incident. Again, I am pleased to have you in my life.

  2. Pat Clear

    Larry and Robin, we can’t believe this has happened….
    but, so Thankful that you both and of course Brutus are all
    okay…..and again, these things can all be replaced, but
    not either of YOU………Love ya, Pat and Jim

  3. Bonnie

    Hey Guys, I am so sorry this happend. I know how you feel, we were robbed about a year ago. It really makes you feel violated. But, like you, no one was hurt, the pets were fine. And when it comes down to it, it’s all just stuff that can be replaced. Keep your chin up!

  4. Debbie

    Larry and Robin, I know how violated you both feel, and the loss of personal things……but, you have each other, and your little Brutus…..and that’s what matters most……..and I see that love of photography in the picture of the loves of your lives……..things will be better, I feel it in my heart~Happy Trails Gypsy Larry

  5. Alan Urquhart

    I left a link to your site on my page since I think our pages are somewhat related, I don’t know if your post GypsyLarry » My Life Saved is the right place to put this if not please delete this.
    I though maybe you can piggyback a little on my traffic 🙂
    I would appreciate if you put a link back, yours is on the right side bar!
    Alan Urquhart

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