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Moleskine Mania

Posted by on January 8, 2011

I’m a list maker. I like making them. I made ‘to do’ lists, grocery lists, items I want to photograph, thoughts I think. I have a notepad in my phone. And I like new technology but I can’t put down the pen and the paper. One of the best gifts I received for Christmas was a packet of moleskine notebooks that I received from my daughter, Erin. It’s perhaps the least expensive gift I received but the most used. I keep one in my back pocket all the time. I have one in the car, just in case and several in “the Rev”. I even have one in my bike in case I get a great idea that I need to jot down. My memory’s not what it used to be. The moleskin notebook was made famous by Ernest Hemingway. He used them all the time. I thought perhaps I was as quirky as “Papa” but then just last week I read an article detailing how Richard Branson always keeps one with him to jot down ideas. That’s Richard Branson of Virgin Airlines. Not bad company. I think I’ll continue with the back pocket pad. It’s January and the new motorhome bug has bitten me again. My annual trek through a bevy of highway monsters to see what I’m missing inside the newest diesel pusher. Each time I do this I realize that once I get past the glitz, there’s not much different than what we have now, other than the fact that it’s a few years newer. However, the worn look, the creases in the leather, the comfort level from making ours home is lacking. It’s good to go on this hunt. Makes me realize that what we have is greater than something that’s just new. However, that quest and pursuit is what makes the game so much fun.

5 Responses to Moleskine Mania

  1. Debbie

    I am also a maker of list…..but, usually….that are forgotten when I go out the door, or lost in my jumble of clutter……always with good intention though. I’m glad to know that someone actually uses those lists! I do live with a listmake, and he, like you, usually follows through with them…..Happy Trails Gypsy Larry~

  2. sears card

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  3. Steve

    I too am a list maker. I understand the mind is not as sharp as it used to be. I carry my black book around with me as well. I have notepads around that I jot notes on. I have books for my poker games, financial information. Could I put them in one book? No, I just like haveing the books around me to write in. Have fun travelling.

  4. larry

    Steve, thanks for the comment. I just read your blog update and you have some interesting things to say. I’m going to have to look into you on a daily basis. I love learning from other RVers.

  5. Ann & Jerome

    HEY, I didn’t know you like moleskin too!!! Wow, Alison gave me one, and she wanted one for Christmas LAST year and when I looked at them…I thought they were cooooool! I had never heard of them before, but that is specifically what she asked for. They are just nice to have. I love writing too….and so does Alison.

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