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Learning New Lessons

Posted by on January 9, 2011

We visited LongView RV to see if we could pick up a few ballasts for the flourescent lights in the bedroom closet. Like always the display of motorhomes caught my attention. Before you know it, we’re touring a rig that has piqued my interest, going through the ritual of imagining living in it. Is it user friendly, does it fit our style, does the shower fit me? A myriad of questions and tests that we put any rig through. The saleslady couldn’t have been nicer. This was our first experience with the fairer sex on an RV lot. Finally, the imminent trip to the office to hear the financial damages that such a trade would entail. I know going in what the figures need to be for me. I’ve done this countless of times while in the workaday world. I’m good at numbers and I’ve had a personal friend that has owned an RV business most of his life. He informed me long ago of the markup and to buy anything more than at a 30% discount would be foolish. The dealer still makes a profit at this number. And then the fun part begins. A general manager walks into the office, taking over from the salesperson. Let the games begin. I just love when they think you have no idea of what you’re doing. This particular gentleman talked to us as if we were newbies to the RV world and how wonderful a deal he would give us just because he “liked us”. I snicker inside. He is going to give us a deal whereby he doesn’t even make a profit, helping him out by merely removing the rig from his lot. All I have to do is put down $20k and increase monthly payments by $300. Over a 20 year period that amounts to an EXTRA $92,000 more than what we’re paying now. What a deal! Could you pass this up. Well, sadly we did. Decidedly, we moving on to Lakeland today to have a few upgrades done this week. The ‘rev’ is in such good condition, user friendly, and so comfortable that we just can’t justify trading for a bit more glitz and new. We’re just not into glitz, regardless of the cost. It will be a good day to travel as the sun beats on our faces and fortunately the weather in this part of Florida has been in the 70’s. I’ll take photos of the work being done on the rig this week.

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  1. Debbie

    Rev Sweet Rev, lol…….until you see the latest and greatest, there’s no place like home……..

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