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Florida’s Finest

Posted by on January 12, 2011

We’ve taken several airboat tours with Captains Dee and Darald of Alligator Cove Excursions.   In fact, this is the fourth time in the last two years on the chain of Central Florida Lakes and we’ll be back with more friends. Our hosts seem to be more accomodating with each visit, if that can be possible. We met Jerry and Cherly early enough to catch up on this past summer and checked out their new SmartCar. We arrived a bit early yesterday to greet our friends and catch up with their business since last January. Dee had brewed some fresh coffee and her pound cake was warm and still dripping with melted glaze. What a welcome back! Jerry and Cheryl were taken aback a bit as you just don’t find business owners who treat their clients in this manner. Out on the water by noon with Darald as Dee had some business at home in which to attend. We’re not out five minutes before a breakdown. Hot water spewing out of the overflow. We’d blown a fan belt. Not to worry. Jerry, Mr. Fixit was onboard but Captain Darald had the rubber changed and added water to the radiator in no time. We were flying down the Kissimmee in less than ten minutes. Again, our host treated us to historical data and lessons anew to us once again. We were privy to at least two dozen ‘gators, soft-shelled turtles, shells, and a host of aviary of which I don’t remember all the names. It was a bit difficult trying to get shots of all this flora and fauna, while moving at speeds enough to catch a glimpse of everything. However, Darald did stop whenever we asked and I was able to steady my hands long enough to get some great shots of our bald eagle in flight. Our captain had lured him in with a piece of fish that he layed in a marsh full of a variety of Florida’s bovines. We spent a great couple of hours on the water and once again, back at the house, Dee presented us with some photos, a souvenir mug, as well as great conversation and camaraderie. This is, truly, a great experience. I would suggest that anyone within a two hour drive of Lake Wales, visit Alligator Excursions for the ride of a lifetime.

4 Responses to Florida’s Finest

  1. Cheryl Sims

    Awesome photos Larry. We are reliving the excursion through your eyes. Thanks for introducing us to this most fantastic business and the personable folks who run it. What a day!!!

  2. Steve

    Really enjoyed the animal pictures. I think my favorite though are the trees. So beautiful. The eagle picture in flight was great as well. Thanks for sharing.

  3. Debbie

    The pictures are just amazing…especially the one of the bird taking off and skipping across the water……and the bald eagle…….majestic…….not to mention the intimidating alligator’s…….prize winners all!

  4. Joann Glova Sabato

    Larry, I can’t tell you how much I enjoy your photos. They are just awesome! I am so jealous of your travels in the South as we are dealing with snow, ice, and frigid temps here in the North East. I am just grateful that we live in a 55+ community and the streets, driveways, and sidewalks are cleared for us. Retirement is still a few years away for us, but you certainly do give us something to look forward to! “Warm” regards….Joann

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