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Spoiling a Good Thing

Posted by on December 31, 2010

After sixteen hours down I-95 we made it back to Yellow Jacket before sundown. I was hoping to get in under the din of night. I don’t relish setting up in the dark and “The Rev” was parked in storage over the holidays. We moved it out and promptly set up for the night. Things were just going too smoothly. I knew it. In trying to level up, our right front jack must have been frozen as it wouldn’t come down from it’s housing. And then I noticed a foul odor emanating from near the refrigerator. Not a good thing. Apparently I had lowered the temperature too much in and effort to try and save propane. I wanted to be sure there was enough to keep the furnace running and the water pipes from freezing. Long story short, I pretty much ruined all the food in the box. Upon opening the freezer, a stench comprised of chicken, ground beef, vegetables,  hit like walking into Wholleys fish market in Pittsburgh’s strip district. Robin could have been angry at my haste, but she said not a word. She just ordered me outside to clean out the car while she took care of the mess I made of the freezer and refrigerator, stating that she needed to defrost the unit anyway. What a tactful way to avoid  bringing to light my calamity. After all was clean, Barb and Jerry brought over some holiday cookies and caught us up on the past ten days. It was good to see them again and reminisce over our holiday hiatus. In the morning we bid them farewell for the time being. Plans were to head  for Tampa for a short stint. Robin gave me Outback Bowl tickets for Christmas and Ryan will be flying down to join me in rooting on the Nittany Lions. I checked the internet for surrounding RV parks and found Sherwood Forest in Clearwater. We always like to try new places  in search of yet another “it” factor park. The voice on the phone informed me there would be no problem accomodating us. Three hours down Route 19 and the first look scared me a bit. Another great photographer making a venue look far better on the internet than it appears in person.  The pleasant hostess gave me a choice of two remaining sites. Robin drove the car over to the site, planning to guide me in as it was a back-in site. No way in hell could we have fit. Both sites were at least 15 feet short of what we needed. It irritates me when I explain on the phone the length of  “The Rev” , what our needs are, only to find that accomodations fall far short of expectations. On to Tampa East, a park we stayed in last December, while vacationing with Tom and Deana (aka, Elkhorn Cafe owners). Michelle went overboard in meeting our needs. She provided a concrete site 75 feet in length with excellent TV reception. There’s no cable here and far too many trees to get a good bead on a hovering satellite. The pool, workout room, and laundry are all less than fifty yards away. Today we finalized setting up and headed out for groceries as my fiasco has left us sans food for the past day and a half. Thank goodness for those jellies my brother gave us for Christmas. Spooning it in with the peanut butter hit the spot just right.

2 Responses to Spoiling a Good Thing

  1. Debbie

    So sorry you to go home to such a “fiasco”, but, leave it to Rob to save the day, and muster through…..she’s a true soldier, that one, lol. Glad you’re safe and sound and hoping you’re having that nice sun and warm weather…….by the way, it was 50 degrees with sunshine most of the day here as well…..but, I’m sure we will pay for it soon enough! Happy Trails to you Gypsy Larry!

  2. Donna

    Happy New Year to you both!!

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