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Smoke on the Water

Posted by on December 5, 2010

It looks like smoke but it’s actually the morning fog lifting off the Suwanee River. Apparently Florida isn’t exempt from the wintry weather that has been wreaking havoc on other parts of the country. The last few nights the mercury has been declining into the 30’s, however the days are still sunny and we’re eeking into the upper 69’s during the day. The last two days have been uneventful to the readers’ eye but of awesome substance to this writer. Daily walks, afternoon bike rides, interspersed with watching the Suwanee flow to the Gulf. Frantically, we’ve been tracking packages and shipping destinations of our Christmas purchases. Everyone this year is receiving something that has been purchased on-line. That is, except for Robin and I have my eye on a gem just down the road in an iconic have-it-all store known as the Point of View. Throw in jaunts to Walgreens and Walmart for good measure and you have the makings of days of awesome serenity. Tomorrow is another trip on the river as friends invited us along. We had planned on a morning run and then meeting Judy and Stoney for a Blues festival in Gainsville but the trip had to be changed until the afternoon due to the overbooking of the boats. We’ll have another get together with them prior to heading north for the holidays. We ended the day by making our favorite beef soup, while Robin scooped out some homemade noodles. A fire and then some SEC football made for another glorious day.

One Response to Smoke on the Water

  1. Debbie

    Your weather is much more interesting than ours……20’s dreary, a little snow, with flood waters going down……winter has come in like a lion, so we’re hoping it goes out like a lamb…….the light in my day has been my Madolyn, as I watch her peacefully sleeping beside me……and reading your blog…….Happy Trails to you~

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