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Seven days makes a change.

Posted by on December 27, 2010

What a difference a week makes. Just as we pulled out of Yellow Jacket I shot this view of our Old Glory which I hang off the back of the grill. I just like the look of it waving in front of the Suwanee. Then it was north to the Pittsburgh area to visit with extended family and some friends. Trekked across the Keystone State to New Jersey to visit the immediate family. And just when we get ready to depart a snowstorm hits the Philly area, crippling everything. NJ has declared a state of emergency and all road traffic is forbidden this evening. We booked another night at this Marriot and will try again tomorrow. I’m not getting used to it, but I’m getting better at hotel living. We have a sweet suite here for a decent sum. I told Robin a week ago I thought I missed the snow. It is beautiful but I’m having second thoughts on that statement I made. However, I’d not trade this time with the kids for anything. But fish and family start to smell after three days so hopefully the highways will again reopen in the morning. I need to remember to retrieve an old tire in South Carolina that was left for repair on the way up last week. If all goes well, we should be back at Yellow Jacket by Thursday at the latest.  

One Response to Seven days makes a change.

  1. Debbie

    Talk about extremes, lol……it was this time last winter, that we had the blizzard and “thundersnow”. It is beautiful……but, freezing and hazardous…….so I’m hoping that you have safe travels on you Snowbird trek back to your “Winter Home”. We as well would not trade the time spent with you and Robin, as I’m sure it meant the world being with you to your kids……all the more so now…….just wait til next Christmas! Happy Trails, Gypsy Larry and have a Wonderful New Year!

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