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Out of Our Past

Posted by on December 4, 2010

Almost two years ago, while enroute to North Dakota, we met Stoney and Judy Neal. They pulled in next to us at the Tom Sawyer Mississippi RV Park, along the banks of the Mississippi in West Memphis, Arkansas. We quickly became friends, dining together at the Neely’s, sharing stories and having Judy entertain us with her accordion. Over those last two years we have shared an occasional email. Reading this blog, they realized we were only an hour away from their home in Williston. On Sunday, they found us, taking an afternoon cruise and surprising us with a knock on the door. It was great to see them again. Last night we returned the trip to their home. The four of us packed into the car and they led us to the Ivy House Restaurant. The Ivy House has earned a reputation of excellence.  Housed in a turn of The Century Southern Home, built byDr. Willis, whose father founded Williston, the old homestead was formerly a doctors office. The original trappings of the house remain intact and it’s easy to see the that history exudes from the house. I knew we were in cuisine heaven when I spied a photo of the owner, along with Bobby Flay, of The Food Network fame. Judy and Robin played it safe with baked chicken and Stoney opted for steak. Being in Florida I chose the seafood sampler and my palate couldn’t have been more titillated. My taste buds screamed ecstacy. And it seemed as if everyone else had the same experience. This place houses the quintessential ‘southern cooking’. The ambiance is wonderful, the service is great, but the cuisine may not be better. If you are ever within an hour of Williston, Florida, do yourself a favor and partake of the fare at The Ivy House just off Main St., north on Route 45 a mere 100 yards. After dinner I followed Robin upstairs where bling-bling is sold, while she shopped for Christmas gifts for Carolyn. The hostess snapped a photo of the four of us before leaving. Back at the house, Stoney storied us on the house and adjacent lands and how it had been in the family for centuries. This history was interesting to this buff. Judy proved guide showing us memorabila and photos from their lives. It was then I understood Judy’s penchant to take up the accordion. I saw photos of her father with Myron Floren, the polka afficionado that once squeezed the bellows, starring on the Lawrence Welk Show every Saturday night during my “Leave It To Beaver” years. It was then time to show our appreciation by devouring dessert as Judy had made us a pecan pie in celebration of our get-together. We spent some time chatting over the pie and laughing into the evening prior to heading back to Yellow Jacket RV. Judy even vamped for us in her attire from a recent trip to “Nawlins”. Today I was reminded of the greatest aspect of this free living, free-wheeling lifestyle. And that’s the relationships you build. Here are two folks that we met two years ago, out of sight for the next score of months. Then they took the time to look us up and travel to see us again. What a tribute to friendship.

2 Responses to Out of Our Past

  1. Pat Clear

    This does not surprise us at all, that people would travel
    to see you are such easy people to be with and
    enjoy….we so wish you were closer….bye for now…..Pat

  2. Debbie

    You have many gifts Larry, and one of those is your ability to make lasting friendships wherever you go…your footprint leaves a lasting impression on us all.

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