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On the Road Again

Posted by on December 19, 2010

Two new tires and five hundred and forty dollars later we had some new wheels. This whole fiasco had me questioning the American automobile industry. Here’s a vehicle closing in on 50k and equipped with a $20 doughnut spare. It’s attached under the chassis by a wire that cranks it up into place. One would think in spending this kind of money on a vehicle, our ingenuity could muster some better engineering than our overseas competitors. The best part of this detterent was meeting Oscar, the gentleman who actually did the work on the vehicle. I had never met anyone with such a positive attitude, constantly smiling, and reiterating how much he enjoyed life. It always takes someone I would least expect to reinforce to me what is important in life. In less than an hour, Oscar had us back on the road. It was a long journey and North Carolina, Virgina, and West Virginia weren’t pleasant to motorists, slowing traffic to an average of 50 mph. Nevertheless, we’ve finally arrived. It will be great to see family again.

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