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Horseshoe Beach

Posted by on December 12, 2010

I love sleepy, little harbor towns. Checking the map, I spotted a day trip to one of these that was put on the day’s agenda. I remembered seeing a segment on HGTV featuring a home constructed on stilts made of corrugated metal feed bins. That house was located on Horseshoe Beach. Exactly the spot I pointed to on the map. It wouldn’t be  more than a forty minute drive. We headed west to Cross Keys, the county seat. I’m still in awe of the slow pace of life here, a throwback to the 50’s and towns that are not much more than a few intersections. It’s as if the rest of the United States exists outside and separate from this world. Driving through miles of protected national bird sanctuaries the first thing we viewed upon entering Horseshoe Beach was an old Nash Metropolitan Police car slowing traffic in front of the Dari-Delite. This was better than Mayberry. We tooled around the town, dipping our feet in the Gulf of Mexico, saw some upscale vacation homes, and the local marina. Finally, there it was, perched high above the Gulf. The home I had recognized from HGTV. The driveway was a huge, inclined boardwalk leading to a set of three huge corrugated storage bins. I noticed it was FOR SALE. I got out and picked up a circular. The home could be virtually toured via the internet. What a lucky find. The price had been reduced to a mere $1.5 million. It’s sad what the economic downturn has done. If only we had a few bucks more. Imagine waking up and looking down on the Gulf of Mexico every morning. Upon our return later in the day Jerry stopped by to see if we had any dinner plans. He informed us that he and Barb were going to dinner that night with Jim and Diane. Would we like to join them? We topped the evening off with a visit into Suwanee and the Salt Creek Resturant. They do well with the seafood but they may have the best burgers I’ve tasted since the Gnome burger at the cafe of the same name. It seems as if almost everyday I find some nuance, some link back to Lake in Wood. As the sun set on the eating deck of the resturant I snapped a shot of the setting sun. It seemed a good ending to another wonderful day.

2 Responses to Horseshoe Beach

  1. Debbie

    I’m jealous, of the blue water, white sands, and the sunshine……..but, am very happy that you’re enjoying yourself and the beautiful weather and ambiance that you have found! See you in a few days, have a safe trip, Happy Trails to you and Robin~

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