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Catchin’ Whoppers

Posted by on December 7, 2010

It was great weather the other day so we decided to go with friends and take a pontoon up the Suwanee. Robin and Brutus commandeered the wheel for much of the afternoon as the rest of us were satisfied to put our feet up and just molt into the sunshine. There were no plans other than to run the river to Fanning Springs, but I did decide to take a pole and dip a worm into the crystal clear waters. It wasn’t much longer than the third cast that I felt that little hit on the line, and then the tug. Excitedly I told the group I think I have a bite. Robin respoinded with the fact that it was probably a snag on a lily pad. Much to their disbelief, I pulled in a whopper of a smallmouth. The fight was brutal and after landing this one, I decided I’d had enough for the day, putting my feet up and just chatting with friends.

3 Responses to Catchin’ Whoppers

  1. Jay

    I am so envious! You guys look so relaxed … wish we were there!
    I shovled the driveway today instead.

  2. Debbie

    I see you have a new “captain” at the helm, lol…….Brutus is becoming quite comfortable on the water isn’t he? Now, this looks like being retired……..good to see you both relaxing and enjoying yourselves………way down upon the Suwanee River….couldn’t help myself, lol…..makes me wanna break into song each time I say that…….Happy Trails to you!

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