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Just a Fence

Posted by on November 12, 2010

I see things somewhat different than the masses. Take for instance the fence that runs from the campground to Jerome’s house. Literally hundreds of people pass by it daily. There’s nothing unusual about it. It’s taken for granted by almost everyone. But in my world, I see it as the fence to Jerome’s. It has a welcoming effect. I pass by it each day on my walk along Yellow Hill Road. On this morning, the sun just seemed to cast its rays in such divine light. As I knelt to photograph this angle, I wondered if anyone else is drawn to this as I. Not just a fence, but lines converging to the home of a friend. There is beauty in its simplicity. It’s existence is not to deter or prevent, but to allow one to enjoy.

2 Responses to Just a Fence

  1. Debbie

    As always, your narrative, and your photographs are a wonder to behold. The beauty you find in simplicity is amazing.

  2. Rose, Lynne O.

    Seriously, beautiful article. Where is your feed?

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