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Heading South

Posted by on November 19, 2010

Today, we finally head South. Our plans are to land in southern Virgini  a by this evening for our first stop. It is a bittersweet departure. I’m yearning to move, to relish in the sun and westerly winds of the Gulf, but our stay here has been nothing short of nirvana. Our journey had been postponed due to the fact that Robin was ordered to have some additional tests following her yearly mammogram. Apparently two spots exists on the ultrasound scan that are of some concern. The radiologist isn’t sure what to make of them although at this time they don’t appear to be tumors. More than likely they are cysts, but they need to be watched. We shall venture again to Pittsburgh but it won’t be until April for additional tests. This was good news to us because a serious situation would have demanded immediate attention. It has been a season of medical concerns. Thankfully, we are able to adjust, adapt, and deal with situations that seem to be a result of the graying process. I believe that a large majority of overcoming obstacles, emotional as well as physical, is in our attitude of……..this too, we shall conquer. It may just take a litte more time that it did when we were younger. Last night we bid farewell to Klaas and Judy, owners of Lake In Wood. Not only are they the most gracious, magnanimous of hosts and employers we have experienced, they have made it such they we see them now as our ‘other’ family. We shall miss them over the winter season. The future be willing, our paths will entwine anew when Old Man Winter gives way to the coming of spring.

2 Responses to Heading South

  1. Debbie

    It is with a heaviness deep in my heart….that I read this news……out of nowhere it comes to me……and with the unknown yet again…….it will be cysts, as we Orndoff women seem to be plagued with them. Prayers are going up, and positive thinkin with a cup half full…..have a safe trip, and as always Happy Trails to you and Robin, Gypsy Larry~

  2. Shantelle Zoellick

    This information and facts actually helped me, I’m sharing having a couple of friends. I might be checking back often to look for updates.

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