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Elkin, NC

Posted by on November 20, 2010

One of the things I enjoy most about full time RVing is that we break with patterns. Although we are creatures of habit, the rules, the sameness, and the redundancy is thrown out at will. Such is the case with our travel itinery. We had usually prescribed to our theory of 250. By this we tried never to travel more than 250 miles in a day and if so, be off the road by 2:50 in the afternoon to set up in daylight. And finally, stay at least 2 1/2 days to enjoy the surroundings. Those tenets have given way to our desire for tropical Florida. Yesterday we left at nine and made our way to Elkin, North Carolina. All three of the rules of 250 were broken but as I said, that’s what’s nice about our lives. We do as we feel on any given day. Plans today are to leave this morning and make it to Savannah. There we’ll stay a bit, settle in prior to 3 p.m. and revert back to habit. Vaccilating is the theme for this trip.

2 Responses to Elkin, NC

  1. Debie

    On the road again~Gypsy Larry~you are in your element on the asphalt. Love the picture, could be anyplace in this USA…….well, almost…….looking forward to more of your pictoral essays of life on the road. Happy Trails to you~

  2. Donna

    Your life has certainly turned out to be an every day adventyre. We do miss you but enjoy living your life through the eyes of GYPSY LARRY and ROBIN! Glad all is well with you and soak up lots of sun for us!! We do think of you and look forward to seeing you again somewhere in someone’s adventure!! My retirement is right around the bend and I am looking forward to seeing where life takes US

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