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Dining Under the Moss

Posted by on November 23, 2010

Our last night in Savannah was quite entertaining. We payed a visit to the Old Timey Town BBQ eatery. This was the most unusual place in which we’ve broken bread. The paraphenalia outside far exceeded any movie setting that could be imagined. This diner was constructed in 1975, however, all the materials — wood, pipes, etc. were at least 100 years old giving it a look from the previous century. It was as if we had gone through the “looking glass” and slid back more than those five score. Inside, we were seated at a very cozy booth just big enough for the two of us. A working fireplace adjacent to our table added that smokey flavor to the quisine. The eye candy far outnumbered anything we’d seen prior to coming in. There were antiques collected by the owner for the past 75 years. Mike and Frank of American Pickers would have had a field day here. A player piano kept us entertained while we ate providing music from the age of jazz. We had heard about the train room prior to coming here. We asked the owners wife and she explained that as soon as we had finished she would take us to an adjacent room where she would light up the “roundhouse” and let the engines tote their cargo around the room. I looked a bit puzzled. When we were informed that they were out of all the dessert pie we took her up on the offer. Amazed. There before us, they turned on five transformers, and engaged a couple of lines of Lionel’s O Guage. This collection had to be priceless and it was easy to tell this was no reproduction. These engines, track, and haulers were older than I was. The owner pointed out many more items of interest and the story behind many an antique. We spent more time learning history and perusing that it took to down that fine barbecue. It was by no means a five star diner but if you’re in the Savannah area, you owe it to yourself to partake and be entertained. Robin bid farewell to the dummy on the tractor, got in the car with her own dummy. We sat out under a full moon, talking aloud about the myriad of oddities we have been exposed to in this life on the road. Oh, how fortunate to have wanderlust genetics.

One Response to Dining Under the Moss

  1. Debbie

    For the love of Lionel…..forgot how good those old tracks looked, as my Dad surprised us once with a set…had the smoking stacks, and the log cars that dumped…..not as elaborate as this, but, magic to our eyes…….thanks for the memories Gypsy Larry….eye candy for the soul~

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