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Wait A Minute….or a Day

Posted by on October 16, 2010

Did you ever stop to realize how many hours in any given week you idly wait? Or even how long you may spend on any given day just waiting. I wait in line a lot, mostly in grocery stores. I just love it when waiting on a fellow shopper, knowing full well they will pay for their groceries with a check. Why can’t they make the check out and just fill in the amount when the checkout person finishes? Nooooo, They just begin to start the process once the order is totalled. Don’t they know to whom the check should be made out?  Yesterday was the coup de grace of waiting for me. I have developed an infection under my incision. Robin has treated it for a day and a half to little avail. Thank goodness I’m married to a nurse. Wisely she called my neurosurgeon to discuss the situation. A voice message prompted another wait. We waited for two hours to be informed that we must get to the nearest emergency room for an MRI and a culture. We arrived at Reading Hospital at noon. I waited an hour to be seen. Another hour of waiting saw me hooked up to monitors and blood cuffs but still no doctor. Now after a two hour wait, a physician did see me, administered a culture, had blood drawn and scheduled me for an immediate MRI. This was to take place at 4:30 We waited again, but this time it was much longer. They were busy. After three more hours of waiting I was told the MRI was moved back to 7:30. So I read my Kindle, watched other people wait while Robin patiently waited with me. Finally at the chosen hour, I was told there would be another hour of waiting. I was slid out of the MRI tube by 9 pm. Luckily, I was told it would only be a one hour wait for the results of the Imaging. They couldn’t fax the results back to Pittsburgh but they did hand me a CD. We arrived back at Lake in Wood just as the 11 pm news was starting. My neurosurgeon informed me today that I needed to wait until Monday but I had to drive back to see him. They would then determine if further surgery was necessary. I can hardly WAIT. Gladly, I took Robin and friends out to dinner tonight. Finally, we didn’t have to wait for anything. We were waited on. And it was a pleasure to tip the young lady for doing so.

6 Responses to Wait A Minute….or a Day

  1. Debbie

    I, like you, have no patience with the hurry up and wait…..and in your circumstance, the wait must seem endless……..I know why I couldn’t reach you all by phone today. Of course you can take this one of two ways……but, waiting til Monday does make it seem a little less of an emergency? Here’s hoping that a surgery is not necessary……..prayers to you Gypsy Larry, and safe and happy trails to you both~

  2. Froggi Donna

    I can’t imagine all that waiting!! Hoping for some positive results for you and a QUICK and FULL recovery!!

  3. larry

    Thanks so much Donna. Should know by Monday afternoon and will post the results. Hope you and Stu are doing well.

  4. Dee Kurth Meyers

    The concept of a “WAITING ROOM” was fully utilized, a NOT WAITING TOO LONG will hopefully be added in a near future date. Hope antibiotics of some sort were given !!! Your in our Prayers

  5. Denny and Bonnie

    Praying that everything will be OK.

    When are you leaving for Pittsburgh?

    If you haven’t left yet, we will see you Saturday.

    Take care.

  6. Alonso Saffell

    Please, can you PM me and tell me few more thinks about this, I am really fan of your blog… 34

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