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Jerome’s Gnome

Posted by on October 1, 2010

“Click on the blue link for video”

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My good friend Jerome, campground manager, made this video for me while recuperating. You may not acquire the gist of it at first. Kind of one of those inside jokes so I’ll set the stage. Prior to surgery I was bound and determined to get into better shape. I would walk five or six miles a day, lift weights, and then do lunges up and down a hill on my toes to strengthen the lower limbs. Daily, Jerome would watch my antics and spear me with a witty jab from his dry, Dutch repertoire. His ancestry is a large part of who he is. ¬†Believing that Divine Intervention will come to fruition, his future plans are to ascend to the throne of the Netherlands kingdom. Henceforth, the gnome theme, where these mythical creatures roam and patrol the sylvan woods of eastern Pennsylvania.

One Response to Jerome’s Gnome

  1. Debbie

    Larry, Love Jerome’s Gnome, he would make your get up and go…….and go…….lol………but, take it easy for awhile before you start back in on that program you set for yourself……for God’s sake man, you just had brain surgery,……….go the speed limit, not like you hair’s on fire…… miss too much of what’s going on around you…….Happy Trails Gypsy Larry~

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