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Take a Morning Ride with Me

Posted by on September 1, 2010

Erin has been here for a week now and Ryan and Carolyn came for an overnight stay the other day. Running around with them and just spending time reminiscing causes daily chores to get overlooked. Such as taking time to procure necessities from the grocery store. The other morning I got up early to run to the store as we were out of milk, blueberries, and oatmeal. I wanted to get back prior to everyone arising for breakfast. Alone at the top of the morning gave me pause to realize once again what a photographer’s mecca just a small section of Lancaster county can be. Come along with me on the ride to the store and back.

Our Site at Lake In Wood Resort

The first thing I encountered as I exited our wooded and shaded lair was the way the sun just seem to light up the flowers framing the mini golf course here at Lake in Wood Resort.

Jerome's Prized Accomplishment for Last Year's Park Improvement

Rounding the bend you can’t help but notice the manner in which Klass has chosen to highlight the outdoor firepit and chimney by roofing it, railing it, and still keeping with the outdoor theme. This will provide a beauty as it overlooks the lake.

The Outdoor Fire Pit Being Housed with Struts and Beams

Heading south on the Reading Pike, the sights are commonplace as I’ve passed this way hundreds of times this summer but one begins to notice the tobacco fields are at their ultimate heights and nearing harvest.

Lancaster County Tobacco at its peak growing season.

But further on down the road my eyes were treated to what appeared to be a maze of miniature lime teepees. Upon a closer look, the spires turned into cut tobacco readying themselves for harvest and drying.

Teepees of Tobacco Ready for Harvest

In fact, I learned that it’s all not done at the same time as the very next farm had already harvested their product and had it hanging in the barn,drying in the sun, on the next step of production.

A Red Barn Houses Tobacco Plant Drying in the Sun.

The road winds toward Blueball and off in the distance I think I see a farmyard strewn with white-painted rocks. I pull over to the shoulder and upon further inspection, they’re not rocks at all. It’s a yard full of chickens enjoying the morning sun as their hatches have already been harvested for the day.

Cluckers gather to share the morning gossip.

And the birds hover atop the silo to warm themselves and to prepare for the feast the hens will leave on the ground.

Awaiting the barnyard feast.

Now that school is in, driving takes a bit more caution. Not only are the horse and buggies roadside, but the children are on their way to school in the early mornings. The Amish don’t ride bicycles like you and I know. The seats, gears, and pedals have been removed and the frame fabricated for a lower platform to stand upon, thereby creating a scooter from the bike. Pedals, gears, and seats would be bringing too much of the ‘modern world’ into their lives. It’s only Mennonites that you’ll see actually riding bicycles here.

Amish children 'scooter' their way to morning studies.

After obtaining the morning foodstuffs, I chose an alternate ride back home. I always do that. Chances are I’ll see a totally different palette. No ‘old world’ sights on this path. I did spy a garage that piqued my fancy. I just loved the cup0la on the roof.

A garage to be envied by most.

And as I took this shot, Mr. Ed, was watching me from afar, waiting to the day’s work ahead of him. The sun just seem to highlight an already glossy coat.

This guy would be the envy of any filly.

The lonely road back home looked devoid and without much ado, but as you can see, every bend brings more eye candy to please.

"Every mile's a memory"

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  1. Jay

    Beautiful! Absolutely, breathtakingly beautiful!

  2. Debbie

    I would say again, but, I think you know…….your gift to us who follow you, is nothing but amazing, the more I see of Lake in Wood, the more I long to visit you and my Sis there. If you only knew the unadulterated joy that comes from your view of the world and your commentary that then brings it to life……..Happy Trails Gypsy Larry~

  3. kitty

    Great site. A lot of useful information here. I’m sending it to some friends!

  4. Bert Sacca

    Tremendous This really is one of the most beneficial blogs I’ve ever browsed on this subject.

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