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Seeking Discomfort

Posted by on September 6, 2010

Today was a bit melancholic. It’s our last Sunday working here in the Gnome Cafe. Tomorrow is our last regular day of work as the season comes to an end. School is back in session, and the number of campers coming through the week won’t justify keeping the cafe open through the week. However, there still will be one more hurrah as we’ve agreed to provide the cuisine for the great Halloween fest at October’s end. It amazes both Robin and I how quickly the past three months have gone by and how enjoyable this work stint was. We almost feel guilty picking up our paychecks as working here is a labor of love along with being so much fun. This coming Saturday, we leave for Pittsburgh, as my brain surgery is scheduled for the following Wednesday. We plan on just relaxing and hopefully getting in some golf this week but that remains to be seen. After work, I headed out for my daily walk. I’ve been doing between five and six miles for the past two months. Never is the course on flat ground. It’s all hills, up and down. And I force myself to get out there in the middle of the afternoon, purposely when the heat is at its height. My sole purpose was to get myself in much better shape in order to rebound from surgery much in a more timely fashion. Dropping a few pounds may have been an added bonus but it wasn’t in the original scheme of things. I have been able to find the will to do this almost every day. I’ve missed only a few days when road trips back to Pittsburgh warranted doctors’ visits. But as I walk, this sense for surgery rebound has given way to a warped quest for discomfort.  At my age, there are aches and pains daily. That’s normal with most of us. The knee hurts from an old football injury, the back from a surgical discectomy. My lungs burn as the rebuilt trachea is much smaller in diameter than it used to be. Lastly, the left hip still bears witness of the lady who smacked me to the asphalt while sitting on my motorcycle at the filling station. But instead of pampering these aches, I like to taunt them. I find that satisfaction and a sense of accomplishment emanates from a certain degree of misery. Without a modicum of pain, the effort seems useless. So I’ll continue up and down the hills of Lancaster county, in the heat of the day, changing nothing but adding to the distance. And sure, the discomfort will increase a bit each day. The aches accompanying each step but the trade-off is a greater sense of satisfaction for withstanding that distress. Ahh, what sweet nectar is the misery of hurt.

7 Responses to Seeking Discomfort

  1. Pat Clear

    Larry, we will be thinking of you next week and of course, you
    will be in our prayers…. so glad, you and Robin enjoyed your
    Summer, I can’t believe it’s coming to an end…..loved reading
    all about the area through you….
    love to you both…..Pat and Jim

  2. Debbie

    Larry, where has the summer gone…….we have so enjoyed your summer in Lancaster, and Lake in Wood, and even before you voiced it, your words spoke the love you felt for the place you called home this summer! Sometimes it finds you……and being close to family is always a plus! Avoiding mention of 9/15, I am saying many prayers, and hoping you’re going into this with the great optimism and strength that you always have, and if you stop for just a minute, you’ll feel your extended family…… of those big old hugs surrounding you my friend……see you soon, Love from your Sis inlaw…..Happy Trails Gypsy Larry~

  3. Steve

    Yes, I have enjoyed following you this summer. I have enjoyed your writing and pictures. Stay strong and will be anxious to read your posts again.

  4. ryan

    You may want to edit your “little girl” trachea comparison sentence as it doesn’t sound quite right. Actually, on first read its kinda gross.

  5. Freely Living Life

    First of all – that picture of the road is amazing! LOVE it! =)

    Second of all – You truly are in our thoughts and prayers as you go in for your surgery. Best wishes that everything goes well.

    Glad to see you have enjoyed your summer!


  6. Larry

    Thank you all so much for the comments I appreciate your prayers and even the fact that you’re thinking about me. I’m a lucky man. And my God has been good to me. I’m sure I’ll be fine but I’ll keep you posted.

  7. Joann Glova Sabato

    I have loved your summer photos, but since fall is my favorite time of year, I will be looking forward to those that catch your eye this fall. My prayers are with you and your family. All shall be well.

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