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Finding a New Life

Posted by on September 30, 2010

My hiatus and lack of blog posts has been due to a relatively uneventful week of recovery. Apologies go out to those that called or emailed regarding our status. It was heartwarming to find so many of you interested in our well being. Surgery proved extremely successful–the entire tumor was removed and no hint of cancer exists. The procedure was over and done in a matter of five hours. Any post-op pain or discomfort was not only bearable, but paled in comparison to a root canal. I’ve been blessed once again. Not too many get a second chance in life. I’ve received two of them. I hope I continue to remind myself of such emotional fortune. On Monday, the neurosurgeon cut the proverbial medical tether. Life will go on now as it had been prior to surgery, the only warning being to ease into any strenuous rigor. Our hosts, innkeepers, and dear friends Chris and Jay, couldn’t have been more accommodating. But it was now time to head home. And home in our world is wherever the RV rests. Later that evening as we were pulling into the Lake In Wood entrance, we both verbalized in unison how good it was to be home. Trying desperately not to leave a footprint in the home of our friends, a couple can still alter the daily machinations just by our mere existence. The past two days have allowed us to reacquaint with co-workers and friends, begin our daily walks and make preparations for life changing eating habits. On Tuesday morning while out for a walk, we began to realize a feeling that never have we come asunder. We have no plans or commitments, no schedule or timetable. No pending medical issues. We are free to leap out of the past, the flicker of the here and now, and into the  abyss of the future. Here, unfettered possibility rests. The future is boundless. It is borderless. It is imagination free of any shortcomings built by the past and not portrayed by the present. The future is our dreams’ playground. I can visualize the future as everything and nothing. It shall be  our empty canvas. And there is no better time to wallow in hopes, dreams and possibilities. So the key here is to dream, think, and dabble the imaginary creating anything the heart desires, no matter how selfish or selfless. All that is necessary in life is asking, believing and then receiving with gratitude.

9 Responses to Finding a New Life

  1. chuck

    Glad to hear all went so well. Sounds like you are fully ready to take advantage of this new chance at life. Enjoy!

  2. Paul Breton

    Good news Larry & Robin: And the tour of America to travel once again is in your veins. We look forward in the future months to meet up with you in Florida as we have no time lines by the end of the month. all our best Sue and Paul

  3. Bonnie

    Sometimes your writings are pure poetry.

  4. larry

    Thank you, all of you so much for the thoughts and prayers and well wishes.
    Bonnie, there are times when I get tired of writing, thinking perhaps that no one reads my bull. I think about chucking the whole site and then I get a comment like yours and it makes it all worthwhile. You, my friend, are a gem.

  5. Debbie

    Larry, you are indeed blessed, and as I”ve said before, you have a gift to share…….but, please, take it easy, take some time to enjoy your adventures and keep your followers entertained. Happy Trails Gypsy Larry~

  6. Donna

    It was so good to share a meal with you both while you were in the”Burgh after your p.rocedure. We are blessed to call you our friends whereever you rest your heads!! We do miss you and wish you “Happy Trails”!love you guys
    Neil and Donna

  7. Eric Tandarts

    Hey thanks for yet another funny and interesting post. Where do you receive your inspiration for all this :|?

  8. Stoney & Judy Neal


    We always look forward to your updates and what an
    update it was. Glad you are doing so well.

    I can hardly wait for a reunion in Florida this winter
    and good ole Polish accordion music.

    Judy & Stoney

  9. Gretchen I. Hill

    Seriously, I really liked reading this blogpost. You have convinced me to subscribe to your blog, but where can I find the RSS feed?

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