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Cancer Redux

Posted by on September 13, 2010

We left our rig back at LIW for convenience. After arriving back in western PA, we spent the evening with Chris and Jay, friends whom we take advantage of quite often. That’s the real measure of a true friend; being able to put them out, having them extend themselves, all the while making you feel as if it’s their mission in life to take care of you. We are fortunate beyond any expectations to have cultured such a relationship. Today we spent the day visiting my sister and her family, as well as Robins entire extended family. I fell off the wagon big time. We consumed more food today than we have all week. There is nothing better than home cooked meals, so I justify those excess calories as a measure of love. Afterall, you can’t hurt family that prepares a meal just for you. We also were treated to some excitement as we watched our beloved Steelers pull one out in overtime. Tonight  we checked into the Hillman Cancer Center for the evening. I meet with my neurosurgeon at 9 a.m. tomorrow. Following this meeting, we’ll retrieve Ryan at the airport as he has business in Pittsburgh this week. I believe he timed this purposely to be able to wish me well for the journey. Erin flies in Tuesday evening so I’ll have all my babies by my side. My blessings never cease. I have no idea how many posts I will get in by Tuesday evening. I’m due in the operating room sometime Wednesday so there will be no posts by me until such time I can sit and blog. However, check the site, as I’m sure someone will give an update as to how things are progressing.

7 Responses to Cancer Redux

  1. Annemieke

    Hee Larry!
    It’s sad that I haven’t see you anymore at LIW to say goodbye! But I wish you the best the coming days. You seem a very strong person to me. The drive to make yourself in perfect shape, showed a lot of your character. I hope you will be betting in even better shape after surgery, and that I can see you soon at LIW! Will you do the greetings to Robin?
    Take care! Annemieke

  2. Cheryl Sims

    Well, here is a post Larry!! You know how much we are praying that all goes well. We miss you–the place just isn’t the same without you. We went by your motorhome and it looks just like you are ready to walk out of the door and get in your golf cart. We will be waiting for you. Will be waiting for updates. You are in our hearts.
    Hugs,Cheryl and Jerry

  3. Pat Clear

    Again, you are in our thoughts and prayers….I just KNOW
    everything will be ALL RIGHT….love to you both…..Pat & Jim

  4. Bonnie

    Im holding a good thought for all of you. Love, Bon

  5. Debbie

    Larry, it was great to see you and Robin yesterday, and your stay was not long enough……ending all to soon with Brutus trotting out to the truck with Maddy’s burpee in his mouth to sleep with. I’m sure my meatloaf dims in comparison the the fare that you cook…….it’s my own way of comforting…..other than endless hugs and strong shoulders. Prayers are being said, and I know everything will go successfully…… strong Gypsy Larry & Robin..I love you both to the moon : )

  6. Donna

    We are thinking only good thoughts!! We are in Myrtle beach and will be home Friday PM!! I will be intouch withJay and Chris and also checking the site here!! We love you guys and prayers are ongoing!!

  7. Mike and Gail

    You and Robin have been on our minds alot this week. We will be saying a prayer for you tomorrow. Hang in there my friend….

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