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Weekend Update

Posted by on August 19, 2010

I got a late start on Friday after work, trying not to forget to pack any essentials. As soon as I hit the turnpike my eyes were drawn to the smoke and fire. Capturing a photo while doing 70mph was not the brightest idea. But I seem to have a knack of seeing theunusual more often than not. It was then I realized I forgot the laptop and my posts would be hastened until my return. My plans were to bed down at my sister Lisa’s home as nephew Eric was preparing a move to Brooklyn to pursue graduate studies. It would be awhile before I would see him again. I was pleasantly surprised to see his sister and my niece Caitlin as well. We spent the next hours catching up on their current lives and reminiscing about “back in the day”. Saturday morning it was back to Canonsburg and finding out the details that I needed in preparation for the wedding shoot. Friends Terry and Jackie were committing their lives to one another later that evening and the ceremony was taking place poolside in our old “association” clubhouse. Helping friends tweaking with final duties and preparations found us all soaking. It couldn’t have been a more humid day. I was concerned that rain may thwart this festive occasion. Luckily, the event came off without a hitch as rains pounded the outlying areas. We didn’t receive the much needed precip until almost 9pm that evening and it lasted only for a short time. The DJ was back up and playing in no time and the clubhouse provided dry refuge for those guests still imbibing and sharing stories. I don’t usually shoot weddings. They’re extremely difficult and by no means am I close to being professional.  The shots that I see perhaps may not be the ones suggested or even wanted. When photography becomes a job, then I no longer want to do it. But since Terry and Jackie are close friends I agreed to do this. Gratis. That would take the pressure off. If I screwed up, the guilt wouldn’t be nearly as bad had there be a contract involved. This was a labor of love and friendship. I would love to share some of the wonderful photos of the wedding but would be remiss until all of them are processed and turned over to the newlyweds. It’s only fair.But I can’t help stick one of the blissful couple in here just to taunt them a bit. On Sunday I journeyed south once again to take Caitlin to breakfast at the airport restaurant and listen to the take of the world from the prospective of a twenty-one year old. I take so much from the mouths of babes. My learning experience continues to take my by surprise.

One Response to Weekend Update

  1. Debbie

    As I’ve commented before, you have a gift, with your eye for a photo op…..and the story it tells, I for one, never tire of your pictures and your commentary, and have seen many parts of the country that I know I would not have had the pleasure of seeing had it not been through your eyes. This is a gift you’ve been given, to share with your world……so please, continue on…….Happy Trails Gypsy Larry~

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