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Posted by on August 20, 2010

I spent most of the remainder of the weekend just puttzing. I had to stick around for pre-operative tests that are mandatory for the upcoming surgery. I felt a bit guilty as I knew Robin was back at the cafe  and would be busy as hell on a Sunday. That’s usually our busiest day of the week. A long walk around the lake, enjoying Tina Fey and Steve Carrell in “Datenight” brought the day to the early evening. The newlyweds then mandated that they take me out for dinner as a thank you for the photographs. Jay and Chris joined us in a trip to my favorite haunt, The Capstone Grill, where I remained focused on my eating routine and had a ‘Pittsburgh salad’. Late when we returned, I found myself falling asleep in the company of my best friends. Guilt again got the best of me so I doled out my hugs and kisses to Chris and Jay, thanking them again for hospitality beyond any expectations. I wouldn’t see them in the morning as my plans were to be at the hospital by 7 and heading back home as soon as possible. By nine-thirty I was on I-70 heading for the turnpike and points East. My intake of water has more than doubled so the trip back home took and extra half hour. I found myself stopping at every rest area as payment for the fluid intake. I was never so glad to see Robin, missing her more than I last recall. She joined me for another great long walk and we planned our running around for tomorrow’s entertainment.

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