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Washday on the Line

Posted by on June 16, 2010

We have three consecutive days off  every week. And you know me, I can’t sit still for very long. Off days are saved for golf at least once and maybe twice each week. And by the way, Robin is getting so much better. If I could only golf as well as I teach the game, I could make some real money on this. So to get back to other days, we have to run around so I can satisfy my penchant to entertain myself. The other day I decided we would take a cruise around part of the county. We drove through Blue Ball, down Rt.897 to Intercourse and then on to Paradise. We continued the circle to Bird in Hand taking in more eye candy than one can imagine. We saw quaint farms, children working teams of horses, shops of every kind, and listened to musicians on the patio. I thought how smart the man dressed as Santa Claus as he jogged along the Lincoln Highway. His outfit was so eye-catching that vehicles slowed to wave making his trip so much safer. Hanging candles, tack for carriage horses, and a potpourri of things with no common theme are part and parcel of what caught my eye . Instead of telling you about all of these, I’ll just let you view the slideshow as a picture is worth a plethora of words. Now you have to take into account that I think and see things differently than most people. So if you have no idea why I took the photos that I did, its’ just because for some inane reason they appealed to my senses. But if you do question the clothes hanging on the line, you must remember that I’m a traditionalist. And it was Monday, washday, and clothes hanging out on a line take me back to the sweet days of childhood.

2 Responses to Washday on the Line

  1. Debbie

    Amazing pictures……..still waiting for that coffee table book……and the Santa was the best!

  2. Bonnie

    Once again, you’ve outdone yourself. These pictures are amazing.

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