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Living in Lancaster County

Posted by on June 7, 2010

Robin returned from the islands. We bid farewell to Chris who hosted us beyond comparison as Jay was still away in Vegas. By Tuesday afternoon we had arrived in Lancaster County. We have anchored at the Lake-in-Wood Resort, a five star facility, where will be working in the Gnome Cafe. Klass, the owner, was quite the host as he personally guided us to our site. Because it wasn’t perfectly level they already had planks at our disposal as needed. We’re located in a wooded site with plenty of room between neighbors. We’re almost secluded. Now get this!! They also brought us a large propane tank, gratis, to use so we didn’t have to move the rig to go out and purchase it on the run. We’ve never worked at a resort where your propane is provided for you. Moments later, another worker rolled in with a golf cart. I asked what was this for?  For you, he retorted, so you won’t have to walk to work.  He stated it was ours to use for the summer to tool around the resort at our leisure. There shall be more about this park as the days come but the reception we received was incomparable. And then came a bit of cultural shock.  Robin and I took the next few hours to set up the homesite, put down the rugs, chairs adjacent to the firepit, awnings out, and make the place look inviting. And then it was time to head into town as we had not stocked up on groceries and wanted to purchase some flowers to brighten the surroundings. Then came the change. The Shady Maple, the area’s large grocery store was closed when we arrived at 5:45. We thought there may have been some kind of death in the family. Not only were we not going to get flowers today, but groceries would have to wait as well. Apparently, the grocery is owned by the Amish and on Tuesday and Saturday, they shut down at 5 p.m. Now if you know much about me, grocery shopping is one of my hobbies, I delight in all the eye candy. I’m also used to going at any hour of the day that strikes my fancy. I’m sure I’ll get used to this. Just another thing to learn “in country”. On Wednesday, Robin got her haircut, we got our flowers, and the other workampers invited us out for the weekly get together. We all carpooled into the town of New Holland for some great barbecue. It was nice of these people to invite us as we haven’t begun to work yet. Their hospitality was well noted as they made us feel as comfortable as possible. We may just like it here.

One Response to Living in Lancaster County

  1. Debbie

    I know, honesty, fairness and hard work, is the way of the Amish. So, it doesn’t surprise me that early closing to us would be normal for them! Their way of life is so fascinating to me, I’ve been lucky in my life to have met Gideon Kurtz, a furniture maker, that has “schooled” me kindly to their traditions, and always with a kind smile. I’m glad they are so kind and generous to you and Robin, it will my your stay and enjoyable one……….and you’re closer to me! That is always a plus! I’m looking forward to your pictures and commentary’s with much anticipation! Happy Trails Gypsy Larry!

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