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Bon Appetit

Posted by on June 17, 2010

We’ve only had a half dozen workamper experiences in the past few years. Most of these have been good, some not so good. But it’s part of my quest to engage in dozens of blue collar jobs in the next few years. However, we have never been treated in such a manner as I’m about to explain. A few weeks ago each and every workamper here at Lake in Wood Resort received an envelope ¬†containing a $5 bill along with a note with instructions. We were to treat ourselves to any MacDonald’s hamburger with this money. The following week, we were then treated to the award winning Gnome burger at the Cafe, free of charge for lunch. The idea was said to compare where the best burgers may lie with a third surprise to come the following week. Today was that day. LIW’S owner, Klaas Bakker, hired a school bus which was boarded by some 48 workers. We have about eight young adults in their late teens working here. The rest of us all possess our AARP cards. The big yellow bus toted us about a half hour north to Reading and the Stokesay Castle where we all posed for the regimented group photo. Inside, we found that Klass had reserved the entire banquet room as we were met by a well-appointed accordion player. For the next few hours we were treated to salad, a choice of three gourmet burgers, followed by the finest of French cuisine for dessert. The venue was magnificent, the ambiance sublime, and the camaraderie couldn’t have been scripted better. Even the accordion player was extraordinaire as he sauntered the room and entertained requests from my co-workers. One almost felt like the Baron of Bavaria. Klaas had garnered the entire tab. This whole three week exercise wasn’t at all about choosing the best burger. Afterall, despite today’s exercise in splendor, you just can’t beat the taste of that Gnome burger. It was all about “the experience”, one of exposure, friendship, stewardship, and a host of familial values that we hold dear. In my previous life as an admninistrator, I have worked with many excellent managers and supervisors but Klaas Bakker far surpasses any of these. What a wise man. Now I can’t wait to go to work for him tomorrow. A class act, non paralleled.

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3 Responses to Bon Appetit

  1. Debbie

    Again, another place for me to visit! Did you tell your host, that you are an Accordion Player as well? Probably something most of your readers do not know, but, I do remember this about you. I do believe of all the places that you have been in your travels, that this seems to be the one that has been the most enjoyable and surprising to you! Maybe you’ve found your spot……….I know I want to visit this remarkable place, and I want you and my sis to show me around. Safe and Happy Trails to you Gypsy Larry

  2. Steve

    I found your trip with the hamburgers very interesting. What a neat concept to let you see the good and the bad and that you want your burgers to be rated with the good and not the average. If you want to be the best look at the best and follow or exceed what you see.

  3. Erin the Cooking Healthy Girl

    Wonderful, that’s precisely what I was searching for! You just saved me alot of looking around

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