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No Sunshine and Flowers Today

Posted by on May 22, 2010

Not every day of retirement is full of sun colored daffodils. Take today for instance. I slept late which I rarely do. Since I dropped Robin off at the airport yesterday to begin a ten day vacation, there was no one to adjust my sleep tactics. Taking care of personal business,  I pushed the button on the electric toilet. Nothing. Press it again. Nothing. OH NO. No flush, no water coming in, no action at all. I checked the back of the control panel and found nothing amiss. I went to the fuse box and found the 7.5 amp intact and not blown. Nothing to do next but clean it out in preparation for service. Not a pleasant task and why in the hell did I send Robin to the Caribbean at a time like this. I removed the control panel to take to the local RV doctor. I’ve been dealing with Jones RV for some years now. Bob re-soldered a loose connection and gave me wire nuts to re-assemble the unit. The was the second trip to his shop as the first one was to find out what I needed to do without moving the rig. Actually, Bob couldn’t take it anyway as its the end of the week and he’s pretty busy at the moment. Back home to wire everything up and wallah! Still nothing. I called Thetford as this is their Tecma Silence Plus model. I told them the problem stating that we’ve had this rig for five years with absolutely no problems whatsoever. After trying the manual override as the tech suggested on three different times, we decided the problem may lie in the controller or even worse, the built in macerator. Jones RV is closed for the weekend and I’ll have to wait until Monday to see when he can fit me in. Thank goodness there’s a second water closet in Robin’s bathroom. When wondering what to do on a day with no plans, there always seems as if some unforeseen problem eats up much of the day.

4 Responses to No Sunshine and Flowers Today

  1. Debbie

    There’s always something mundane isn’t there, just when you think things are running along smoothly to throw a kink in the works. Just a minor glitch. will keep you busy til Robin get’s back! Take care, and see you soon!

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    Kudos from one brainiac to another. 🙂

  3. maria andros

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