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Living Inside My Head

Posted by on May 27, 2010

Living alone takes a bit of an adjustment. And it’s probably different than what you expect. Contrary to being lonely, it’s the abundance of freedom that is the adjustment. There is no one here to be concerned about, to take care of, but also no one to share with. The girls are on a twelve day holiday in the Caribbean and I do whatever my heart desires. This is the longest stint I’ve been solo in the last 33 years. But therein lies a bit of an issue. So much free time before we start another workamping gig. What shall I do with it all? Each morning Brutus and I take a three mile walk, usually around Peters Lake. By the end of the last mile the little guy is dragging and it’s all I can do to get him back to the truck. I fill the rest of the day running small errands, visiting the driving range, commiserating with friends and family, playing golf, returning emails and riding my motorcycle. Most everyone would envy this lifestyle, this freedom, the harbinger of the idle mind. That’s why my recent hiatus. My daily machinations are I’m sure mundane  to a large degree . But my mind is not idle, it is racing. And that is why the constant attempt at keeping busy. I am pondering my situation and status as a recent call from my neurosurgeon has given me the ultimate quest. Time to gear up for due diligence and put my mental armor in sheaths of defense. There will be more about this tomorrow. I’m still contemplating my strategy before I share it with anyone else. I’m free to go introspective for another night.

2 Responses to Living Inside My Head

  1. Debbie

    Have been waiting to hear of your leisure adventures, glad that you have been keeping busy and that you have Brutus and have many friends for company. I’m sure you have the weight of the world on your shoulders……..thinking positive thoughts my friend, safe travels to you~

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