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Electric Issues

Posted by on May 11, 2010

Leaving our friends’ home to settle in the local KOA proved to be a two fold reason. I wanted to get the motorhome back from the shop to test everything out prior to heading out again at the end of the month. The second reason was despite trying not  to leave a footprint, it can be a bit unnerving to host friends for any length of time. It was a good thing for the test trial. We pulled into our site and while Robin was doing her thing inside, I hooked up the water hose, sewage hose and connected the electric cable to the source box via our surge protector. Once done , I came in only to find we had no electricity. Back out to check the connections. I noticed no blinking lights on the surge protector and no “on” light. Oh no. Not another malfunction. This surge protector costs way too much to have to purchase another. Pulling it out and re-inserting I found the red blinking lights. This means there is power but it has to take a few minutes to fire up. After a few minutes the green light did come on but I wondered about its faint glow. Thinking all was right I went back inside only to find that our refrigerator wouldn’t work on AC power. Topping that off, none of the outlets worked on the left side of the rig. My heart sank. A thousand dollars just forked over for six new batteries and now this. When I took the rig in for service, all things were working. Now I have no power on half the rig. My disgust was at a fever pitch. I tried calling Bob, my local RV doctor but to no avail. It was five minutes past five. Going back outside I removed the 50 amp line and plugged into the 30 amp breaker. Everything worked. At least we would have power to the refrigerator. We could power up the water heater using propane. I would call Bob back on Monday morning to take the rig back to troubleshoot the problem. The next morning I found that all the outlets were in good working order when plugged into the 30 amp. This wasn’t the case yesterday. I had the campground owner come up to our site and check out his utility box. Therein lay the problem. After an evening of worry and concern over what I thought was a major issue we found that the campground 50 amp service was bad and needed replaced. What a relief.

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