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Brutus Here Again

Posted by on May 20, 2010

I’m going to give this one last shot, for two reasons. I had to go to the vet today. It seems as if I have some kind of rash that I picked up while trekking below the 36th parallel this winter. So it seems I’m back on the steroids for a few weeks until this itching goes away. Secondly, the gypsyman wants back on here again. But let me tell you about last Saturday. Mom and Dad wanted to make a day trip to Lancaster County to find the Lake-in-the-Wood Campground. I was kinda looking forward to this but then, lo and behold, they put Sadie in the truck with us. Thank goodness I saw her cage come along. Oh no, they’re leaving the cage door open. This chick is going to be all over the place, jumping and yipping. But to my surprise I was wrong. Not only was she well behaved, she didn’t even bother me. A couple of times I looked her way and Sadie was so content lying on the back seat that she caught a little nap. Not for me though. I had to keep my eye on her just in case she’d take to bugging me once again. An hour or so down the road we found Lake-in-the-Wood just off the turnpike. Wow. This is no campground. This place is a resort. You know how much I hate water, but I must admit, the view down the center of the six acre lake is just so surreal. Like that word, don’t cha. And you just thought I was an ordinary dog. My command of the King’s English is not too bad for a shihtzu. We’re going to work here this summer in the Gnome Cafe. I’ll tell you more about that as the weeks go by but I’m in dog heaven. The trails through the woods are calling my name. After spending over an hour here, we made it back to Jersey by dinner. Robin and Larry went out for Italian, I nibbled away at my dish while Sadie devoured her evening helping in no time. I see I’m going to have a lot of work on my hands with this chick. I’ll try to sneak in here again but it tough when the gypsy get in his picture mode and I”ve seen him shooting a lot lately. So until then, good sniffing.

2 Responses to Brutus Here Again

  1. Pat Clear

    so glad you had such a great time with the little one’s last
    weekend….also, it’s great that the Campground is no nice ….
    Bill and Mars and us will try to come up some weekend, when
    your off…..and we can all explore the area….bye for now, back to my packing!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Nicky

    Little Brutus, don’t look so sad….., I’m on the roids too, with the itching and the scratching, plus the antibiotic for the skin thing…….no fun at all. I’ve been on my bench, you know, the one with the stairs up to it, watching for you to come back, but, only the mailman, and the UPS guy comes…..but, he does bring the BIG MILKBONES. I’m glad you approved your campground, maybe we’ll be out to visit! Sadie doesn’t sound so bad…..just play it cool, and don’t let her know that you kinda like her, lol……keep her guessing!

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