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Spiritual High

Posted by on April 6, 2010

The holiday weekend was one of the most memorable in years. The last time I had a visual so entwined with the olfactory senses was Good Friday some five years ago. I was standing high above the confluence of the Potomac where Maryland, Virginia, and West Virginia meet. The town of Harpers Ferry had piqued my Civil War interests so a visit was imminent. As I entered Jefferson’s church, the smell of the mold and dampness seared my brain, making and indelible image. I knelt in a pew to reflect on my being in the same place as ominous figures of history. And now, this holiday season, the intense feeling of being so small yet a part of something so big took me again by surprise.
Running late into the night, we pulled into an abandoned motel, not able to find a campground this late or this remote. The sunrise was amazing as well as the view. On our way to Page, we stopped along the mountainside to purchase a few items of memorabilia from the Navaho’s. Two miles outside of Page, a small sign, almost obscure unless you were looking for it, announced Horseshoe Bend Trail. We parked and walked the 3/4 mile to what has to be one of the most astounding sights my eyes have graced. Another bucket list item to place a checkmark adjacent. Need I say more. I’ll let the photos here speak my thousand words.

3 Responses to Spiritual High

  1. Minnie Minerva

    wow, thank you for those amazing visuals.

  2. Debbie

    Spectacular……one of God’s creations that few of us are lucky enough to take the time to see! Fortunately we have a Gypsy among us to gift us with these beautiful scenes of nature in this beautiful country of ours. Travel safely, Gypsy Larry~

  3. Cherie

    It’s so good to see/read what you’re up to! We are so blessed to be able to roam freely through this beautiful country. I thoroughly enjoyed the opportunity to meet & work with Robin. Take care, you two, and keep on blogging…

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