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Personal Night Vigil

Posted by on April 11, 2010

As we were nestling in for some sitcoms and Oreos, my mind kept wandering back to the Memorial. My camera batteries were recharged as well as my emotional ones. Robin was tired and was adhered to the couch so I jockeyed the Oklahoma City beltways to get a little different perspective of our earlier journey. As I walked the city streets I noticed that the adjacent St. Joseph’s Catholic church wasn’t spared in the bombing either. It’s stained glass windows had been blown out and much of the church destroyed in the blast, the sorrow never ending. At this late hour, visitors continued their personal vigils and the calm where once stood a throng of federal employees echoes in the stillness of the water. Silence is golden.

No words here by me could convey the gravity of the place, the time, and the loss.

2 Responses to Personal Night Vigil

  1. Debbie

    There are no words worthy of the emotion that is captured in the site and the photo’s that you have brought to us yet again~

  2. Ryan

    Great pic! Your photography is really getting good.

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