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Monument Valley, Utah

Posted by on April 7, 2010

It was just a few more hours down the road into Monument Valley, which is just inside the Utah border. The most significant part of the journey was traversing through the Navaho Indian Reservation. Vast expanses of nothingness and then dotted here and there with a mobile home, trailer, shanty, or occasional hut. I had been through reservations before but I was appalled even more so. The conditions that these Americans live are almost unbelievable given their “native” status. It saddens me that Americans must live in such economically decadent conditions. The new socialism of this administration won’t even come close to helping these people. So I digress. On to Monument Valley, where you baby boomers may recognize as the backdrop of many a Western.  Enjoy.

One Response to Monument Valley, Utah

  1. Debbie

    It’s a shame that our Native American’s have to live as they do, surrounded by the beauty of nature….what was their homeland…..again your phtography is remarkable…….one of your many gifts that you share with us……

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